Ross Cameron, the Scottish PGA champion, will not give up his dream of a major tour.


It may have shortened and simplified HIS season, but it certainly was satisfying. “In all, I played seven events and won twice,”In all, I played seven events and won twice. “There wasn’t a lot of time to build up steam, to say the least. I just had to hit the ground running.”

In early September, Cameron, a famous regular on the Tartan Tour, finally reaped the benefits of his long, tireless work on the golf course with victory at the prestigious Northern Open before joining luminaries such as John Panton, Bernard Gallacher, Sandy Lyle, Sam Torrance and Paul Lawrie a few weeks later with the Scottish PGA Championship trophy victory.

It was a triumphant one-two punch which put on a year overshadowed by the clouds of Covid, a shimmering silver lining.

The career of Cameron, a practitioner since the age of 18, has been characterized by dogged determination. The 41-year-old has been on so many tours during the season with his unrelenting love for the game, that he should be given honorary membership of the Caravan and Motorhome Club.

He plays on the Alps Tour or maybe the EuroPro Tour, with a minor detour to the Pro Golf Tour and an occasional appearance on the Challenge Tour when he’s not teeing off on the Tartan Tour.

Just once did he play the full European Tour game, and that was in October, when, as a reward for winning the Tartan Tour’s Order of Merit, he won the Scottish Championship at Fairmont St Andrews. Nice stuff comes to those who are waiting.

With a reflective smile, Cameron says, “I graduated from the PGA in 2000 and set out to conquer the world,” “I set my sights high; I was always ambitious. One of them was to play in a Ryder Cup. And then I quickly realized it was going to be a little harder than I thought. I wrote down all my goals in a little book. I still have that book. And I’m still working on a lot of the goals.”

Cameron may not have reached the dizzying heights 20 years ago that his youthful exuberance did, but he never wavered in his drive, determination, and discipline. Neither has his perseverance and patience.

The love of golf keeps me going,” says the man from Peterhead. “I’d rather do nothing else. There are still low times when you doubt what you’re doing, but in golf, perseverance is a huge thing. You have to be able to pick yourself up and keep going. Through the years, people have asked me, “how long are you going to keep going?” and I always answer, “well, until I lose my enthusiasm or untouched.”

It doesn’t come cheap, of course, to follow his golf dreams at any stage. His faithful, long-standing sponsor, Saltire Energy, definitely helped – “I couldn’t do it without them” – but Cameron was never shy about rolling up his sleeves and finding other ways to pay the bills and finance his ambitions.

I could have gotten jobs to keep me afloat in regular winters before the corona virus,” he says. “I was a mail carrier, working at the bar and Argos. However, this year was a little different, and I got a job in a supermarket after a three-week suspension earlier this year. I still have that, and I’m going to keep it until we hopefully start playing in April again.

“It’s a bit far from what you think, of course, but I actually like it because it’s not golf. You can get consumed by it. In any other year, you think about golf 24/7. But working in the supermarket has brought a little more balance to my life. Maybe that also helped me play so well this year? The season was only two months long, but it was my best year.”

Whatever holds for 2021 is left to the golf gods’ lap, but with his normal tireless zeal and admirable intent, Cameron will face it. He said of a game that always teaches you a lesson, “If I had to sum up my career, I’d say roughly that I’ve been a slow learner,” “But I’ve never stopped dreaming about playing on the Main Tour and making a living at it. The opportunities get smaller and smaller every year, but I always felt I was capable of more. You have to be ambitious. That’s what keeps you going.”


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