Rose Ayling-Ellis’ boyfriend, who appears on Strictly Come Dancing, maintains a low-key lifestyle with only a few public appearances.


Rose Ayling-Ellis’ boyfriend, who appears on Strictly Come Dancing, keeps a low profile with only a few public appearances.

Rose Ayling-Ellis, a contestant on Strictly Come Dancing, has been dating her boyfriend Samuel for seven years, but he prefers to live a more low-key life.

Since the show first aired earlier this year, Rose Ayling-Ellis has been wowing Strictly Come Dancing viewers and the judging panel.

While she has since become a household name, Samuel, her seven-year-old boyfriend, prefers to live a more laid-back lifestyle, with the two occasionally sharing photos of themselves on social media.

The “Strictly Curse” surrounds celebrities and their dancing partners on the show, but it doesn’t appear to have affected Rose and her partner, Giovanni Pernice.

In love snaps shared on Rose’s social media, Rose and Samuel appear to be more in love than ever.

“Six years we’ve been together and I still don’t find you annoying,” Rose wrote on Instagram last year, while Samuel, who is also deaf, wrote: “I still find you the most hilarious, beautiful, and super cool girlfriend I ever asked for.”

“You’re a true badass girlfriend,” I say.

Rose celebrated her 27th birthday with her boyfriend and Giovanni earlier this week.

The EastEnders actress dined at Gola in Fulham, west London, where she was treated to an “Italian Restaurant from Puglia with a touch of aphrodisiac ingredients.”

Rose sat between Samuel and Giovanni, beaming from ear to ear, and Giovanni captioned the photo with, “Still smiling thinking about this little plate of dessert.”

In their emotional couple’s choice routine on last week’s show, the Eastenders actress made history with her dance partner by showcasing the experience of those who are deaf.

According to a relationship expert, Rose and Giovanni’s relationship will last a long time after the show ends.

Hayley Quinn, a relationship expert for Match, said the dancers’ bond is more of a friendship than a romance, and it has become unbreakable.

In the dance competition series, Rose and Giovanni have consistently ranked near the top of the leaderboard week after week.

Rose’s gift of feeling the music through movement of the body has been put to good use by Giovanni.

The actress has also become a role model for deaf people, and fans have enjoyed watching her abilities grow.

“So far on Strictly, there’s been some gentle flirtation between,” relationship expert Hayley Quinn told the Daily Express.

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