Roger Federer would “frequently toss his racket and cry,” according to a former instructor.


Roger Federer would “frequently toss his racket and cry,” according to a former instructor.

The Swiss tennis legend is known for his cool demeanor these days, but an old instructor claims that this hasn’t always been the case.

Roger Federer used to “throw his racket and cry” as a junior player in Switzerland, according to a former coach of the tennis legend. Federer, who turned 40 on Sunday, is ranked ninth in the ATP world rankings.

Madeleine Bärlocher, who coached a young Federer at Basel Old Boys Tennis Club in the late 1980s and early 1990s, spoke to We Love Tennis about the experience. Bärlochere spoke openly about Federer’s temperament as he progressed through the junior ranks.

While he was never petulant under her instruction, as he grew older and found onward growth more difficult, he developed a predilection for angry outbursts.

“No, not in my place, he wouldn’t dare act like that,” Bärlocher remarked when asked if he was a capricious youngster. On the other hand, as a teenager, particularly after leaving for the Ecublens study facility, he began to cry a lot and became erratic.

“He made rapid progress in Basel. He felt suddenly satisfied. Then, when he started competing in big tournaments, he didn’t make as much progress. He became enraged on the ground and frequently hurled his racket. Otherwise, he swore all the time, but that’s the fate of all young people.”

Federer’s wife Mirka, according to Bärlocher, has helped the 20-time grand slam winner become more composed on the court. They met as teammates during the Sydney Olympics in 2000 and have been married since 2009.

“How can you explain that when he was younger, he was so anxious on the court, but today he seems so calm- it’s all thanks to Mirka,” Bärlocher remarked of Mirka’s effect.

The conversation with Bärlocher also revealed Federer’s determination and competitive nature, which have made him such a long-time champion.

“No, his parents never pushed him,” the former coach stated when asked if his parents were forceful with the prodigy. Roger has always been the only one who has expressed an interest in becoming a professional. He was already talking about reaching number one when he was just eight years old.”

Federer’s great career may be coming to an end as a result of injuries. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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