Roger Federer sneered at charges of preferential treatment, saying, “I’ve heard this s*** too many times!”


Roger Federer sneered at charges of preferential treatment, saying, “I’ve heard this s*** too many times!”

ROGER FEDERER was enraged by claims that he receives preferential treatment after a rival alleged the Swiss star was attempting to gain a competitive advantage.

Today, Roger Federer takes against Lorenzo Sonego in the round of 16 at Wimbledon, where he is attempting to win his ninth Wimbledon title. In a tight third round match, the 39-year-old defeated British number two Cameron Norrie. Sonego, seeded 23rd, had never won a main-draw match at Wimbledon before this year, and he’ll have to be at his best to defeat one of the game’s legends.

Federer’s sporting image has gained him accolades, but it has also led to suspicions of preferential treatment in one case.

Following Federer’s victory over Britain’s Daniel Evans at the 2019 US Open, the two had a spat.

Evans had played the day before, and Federer hinted in a post-match question that he had requested to play during the day for a competitive edge.

Federer vehemently refuted the allegation, adding, “I don’t recall asking for anything.” Yeah. I suppose it’s also wonderful to be out of the sun, I suppose, I reasoned. But it wasn’t something I did on purpose.

“I’m not sure if my team requested (the) day” (session). I was aware that there were questions asking for a preference.

“However, this does not imply that ‘Roger asks, Roger receives.’ Just keep that in mind, since I’ve heard this nonsense far too many times.

“I’m sick and tired of being told that I’m in charge. The tournament, as well as the television channels, do. We have the ability to express our viewpoint. That is exactly what we do. But, even if they book me at four a.m., I’m still going to walk out.”

Evans acknowledged that Federer was “too talented” for him, but he also stated that his schedule was unfair.

“Do you think I have any say in that?” he continued. In this competition, there are possibly four or three persons who have a say in when they play.

“It’s logical that the tournament would prefer Roger to play that match rather than me.”

Federer went on to say that he understood Evans’ irritation, but that he, too, had had bad luck with schedules in the past.

“But I’ve also been there,” he added. I get what you’re saying. You could certainly say that the scheduling was stacked against him.

“However, it is.”Brinkwire Summary News”.


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