Roger Federer and Emma Raducanu give Wimbledon a thumbs up for packed house spectators.


Roger Federer and Emma Raducanu give Wimbledon a thumbs up for packed house spectators.

Both Centre Court and No. 1 Court will be packed to maximum, according to the tournament.

From the quarter-finals onwards, Wimbledon’s two main display courts will be packed to capacity. Due to the coronavirus epidemic, the event’s capacity has been reduced so far.

However, after a successful first week as part of a trial event to see how large-scale events may run in a post-pandemic world, the tournament has been given permission to operate at full capacity.

For the first week, Wimbledon had to operate at a lower capacity, albeit fans on Centre and No 1 Court did not have to remain socially aloof or wear masks.

The men’s and women’s finals were initially allowed to be held at full capacity, but that has now been increased to include the quarter-finals and semi-finals.

The decision is good news for the competition, which is widely regarded as one of the highlights of the British athletic season.

“Following the successful staging of the first week of The Championships, as agreed with the Governmentâ€TMs Events Research Programme and in consultation with our Local Authority in Merton, the AELTC is pleased to confirm that Centre and No 1 Court will feature 100% capacity crowds for the Quarter-Finals, with Centre Court also at 100% capacity for the Session,” the tournament said in a statement.

“This is the first time in the UK that a sporting event has been held in full outdoor stadiums since the pandemic began.

“The Centre Court has a capacity of 14,979 people, while the No. 1 Court has a capacity of 12,345.

“According to the number of courts in play, capacity across the remainder of the Grounds will be limited.

“Ticketholders will be required to produce verification of COVID status upon arrival, and are encouraged to follow the guidelines on wearing facial coverings while moving and to support any further mitigation measures in place.”

In the women’s draw, the quarter-finals begin on Tuesday, while the men’s draw begins on Wednesday.

On Friday, the semi-finals will be held, followed by the women’s and men’s finals on Saturday and Sunday.

Because of the coronavirus epidemic, Wimbledon will be canceled in 2020.

This year’s competition is back, albeit with certain limits.


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