Robbie Williams is having trouble selling his £7 million mansion and refuses to lower the price.


Robbie Williams is having trouble selling his £7 million mansion and refuses to lower the price.

EXCLUSIVE: Singer Robbie Williams is battling to sell his £7 million mega-mansion, but he is refusing to budge on the price.

Robbie Williams is having a hard time selling his sprawling country estate.

The Rock DJ singer put his seven-bedroom Wiltshire manor on the market in September, but has yet to find a buyer despite being one of the most popular properties in the area.

According to sources, the former Take That member is being pressured to lower the £6.75 million asking price, but he is refusing and insisting on sticking to his guns.

“It’s really stunning,” the insider explained, “but it’s just not being offered on.”

The price may be too high for the current buyer’s market, but he doesn’t appear to want to lower it from its current value.

“It’s giving me all kinds of headaches.”

After buying the house in 2009, Robbie and his wife Ayda put it up for sale with estate agent Knight Frank.

Compton Bassett House is a luxurious 71-acre country estate with seven bedrooms, two staff flats, and a separate cottage.

There are beautiful gardens, a football pitch, tennis courts, a walled garden, and even a helicopter hangar on the grounds.

Inside, there’s a gym, an indoor swimming pool, a hot tub, a steam room, and a sauna.

“On the internet, the house is doing so well that everyone is clicking on it and wanting to take a look around,” the insider explained, “but the reality is that it has been sat there for six months and it needs looking at because it isn’t moving.”

Robbie has even tried to persuade people to buy by recounting all of the happy memories he has made in the family home.

“Compton Bassett House has been the ideal getaway for our family,” he said.

It’s where Ayda and I first fell in love, established our relationship, and dreamed of starting a family.

“Since then, we’ve welcomed four lovely children into the gracious rooms of Compton Bassett House, where we’ve shared a lot of laughter and joy.”

The gardens and trees have enchanted us with their magic, and we have enjoyed playing and splashing around in the indoor pool on rainy days (of which there are many in England).

“Compton Bassett House is unquestionably a family-friendly residence that deserves to be filled with far more laughter and joy.

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