Reilly Opelka supports Stefanos Tsitsipas over Andy Murray’s ‘ridiculous’ restroom break squabble.


Reilly Opelka supports Stefanos Tsitsipas over Andy Murray’s ‘ridiculous’ restroom break squabble.

Andy Murray chastised Stefanos Tsitsipas for taking a long restroom break before the last set of their first-round match at the US Open.

Following Andy Murray and Stefanos Tsitsipas’ tense first-round battle at the US Open, Reilly Opelka is the latest player to chime in on the potty break controversy. The third seed was accused of “cheating” by the Brit when he disrupted the match’s momentum by taking a long restroom break before the fifth and final set. The American has now spoken out in support of Tsitsipas, explaining why the breaks are required in Flushing Meadows.

Opelka has lambasted the ongoing toilet-break controversy, calling it “stupid.”

After a dramatic first-round match between Andy Murray and Stefanos Tsitsipas, in which the former world No 1 accused the Greek of “cheating” when he took an eight-minute restroom break at the end of the fourth set, the off-court breaks have become the buzz of the tennis world.

Following his five-set loss on Monday, the British player stated that the lengthy stoppage had influenced the outcome of the match, and that he had “lost respect” for his opponent (August 30).

Now, Opelka, a recent Toronto Masters finalist, has attacked Tsitsipas’ current dispute over his alleged gamesmanship.

“I believe it is absurd. He explained, “I realize it’s getting news because tennis is lame and tennis media is bad.”

Due of the hot and humid circumstances in New York at this time of year, the American also believes that toilet breaks are vital during the US Open.

“We’re drinking a lot, hydrating a lot, and we have to use the bathroom,” he explained.

Even before factoring in the trek to and from the court, Opelka noted that restroom breaks take a long time.

“It takes five, six minutes to change my socks, shoes, inserts in my shoes, shorts, shirt, everything, the whole nine yards, hat.”

“It’s hot out there. Our sport is physically demanding. My sneakers are gushing sweat and are dripping.”

Murray informed ATP Tour Supervisor Gerry Armstrong, who was sitting courtside during Murray and Tsitsipas’ first-round match, that he had “never” taken as long as the Greek during a restroom break.

The 34-year-old remarked after the match that he had no problem with his opponent having a restroom break, but that the length of time it took was too long.

“That is not the case.”Brinkwire Summary News”.


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