‘Refunds should be requested by Americans!’ The host of GB News lashes out at Biden over Afghanistan.


‘Refunds should be requested by Americans!’ The host of GB News lashes out at Biden over Afghanistan.

On Tuesday, GB NEWS host Patrick Christys lashed out at Joe Biden, claiming that if the US President were a product for sale, Americans would be “asking for a refund.”

As he thought on the final US troops departing Afghanistan, Patrick Christys erupted into an angry tirade against Joe Biden on GB News on Tuesday. As the Taliban seized control of Kabul airport, the broadcaster slammed the US President and blamed him for the current turmoil in the country.

“Now, President Joe Biden’s Afghan humiliation is complete, America’s longest war is over,” Christys began.

“As the final US flights out of Afghanistan lifted off, celebratory Taliban gunfire broke out inside Kabul airport.

“Today is a historic day: America is out after 20 years, 2500 US servicemen and women, 250,000 Afghans, and $2 trillion.

“However, it is the jet that arrived in Delaware with the dead of 13 US troops that counts.”

“As the coffins emerged one by one, it didn’t appear like the war dead’s relatives were present at first,” Christys explained.

“It wasn’t until I heard wailing from behind a line of buses that the real gravity of the situation became apparent.

“How about Joe Biden? What did he do? He looked at his wristwatch. Joe, do you have a place to be?

“One bereaved mother blamed Biden personally for her son’s death, while another father claimed that when he met the President, the President spoke more about his own son than the mourning fathers.

“I just don’t believe Biden understands it. I don’t believe he realizes what he’s done. I don’t think he understands the human consequences of his decisions or the harm they’ve caused.”

Patrick Christys (Pastor): I’m hoping that American voters saved their receipts because they should be requesting a refund. pic.twitter.com/lHQlrQVTOD

“I’m curious as to how much buyer’s regret exists in America today?” Christys had inquired.

“If Joe Biden were a product, you’d return him to the store and demand a refund, and they’d have to honor your request.

“Why? Joe Biden was mis-sold as a result of his misleading advertising. ‘America is back, the Trans Atlantic Alliance is back,’ he stated in one of his first addresses, and I quote, “Brinkwire Summary News.”


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