Red Bull’s Sergio Perez is “nearly at the level” of Max Verstappen, according to Lewis Hamilton.


Red Bull’s Sergio Perez is “nearly at the level” of Max Verstappen, according to Lewis Hamilton.

This season, Mercedes faces their most serious challenge in years in Red Bull Racing.

Helmut Marko of Red Bull Racing has issued a warning to Lewis Hamilton, alleging Sergio Perez is on par with Max Verstappen. On his way to winning the 2021 World Drivers’ Championship, Verstappen has finally found the perfect teammate in Perez.

In the drivers’ standings, Verstappen is 32 points ahead of Hamilton, while Red Bull leads Mercedes by 44 points in the constructors’ standings.

As they began their search for Daniel Ricciardo’s successor, Red Bull’s choice to name Perez as one of their drivers for the 2021 season was unusual.

The Honda-powered squad chose a driver who wasn’t part of their own training program for the first race in years.

Red Bull’s move has paid off thus far, with Perez currently third in the standings and one win this season.

Perez was brought in after Pierre Gasly failed to impress after six months, and Alex Albon failed to impress after a year and a half.

Marko, a Red Bull consultant, believes Perez is unique, telling that his results are more consistent.

Marko explained, “The difference [between Perez and Verstappen’s other teammates]is that Perez is more consistent.”

“Albon didn’t obtain the kind of qualifying results he gets, like second at Imola or third at the Red Bull Ring.

“And when he has the free air, Perez is practically on par with Verstappen in the race.”

Marko also doesn’t hold Perez responsible for his poor performance in the Austrian Grand Prix, when he finished sixth.

His primary issue developed as a result of a botched overtaking by Lando Norris, which Marko blames on the young Brit.

“I believe it is logical,” he remarked. You attempt on the outside if you can’t get in front.

“That’s where Norris shoved him off the track, and he received a penalty for it.”


That’s where things went awry. Drivers must allow each other enough room. Norris made a blunder there.

“When he saw Perez, he should have given him some room. Perez made an attempt, but it was unsuccessful. That is preferable to a drab driver who remains behind. He had no choice but to try.”

After years of dominating Formula One, Hamilton now faces a world title challenge from Verstappen.

Another Red Bull driver approaching that level will not be good news.

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