Red Bull’s ‘new proof’ about Max Verstappen’s crash is being sought, as is a new Lewis Hamilton penalty.


Red Bull’s ‘new proof’ about Max Verstappen’s crash is being sought, as is a new Lewis Hamilton penalty.

Red Bull’s Helmut Marko has stated that the team has new material to give to Formula One officials in their quest for a harsher penalty for Hamilton.

Red Bull’s Helmut Marko claims that the team has additional information to prove Lewis Hamilton deserves a harsher penalty for his role in the incident that pushed Max Verstappen out of the British Grand Prix. Marko, a Red Bull advisor and leader of their driver development unit, feels that further proof will change people’s perceptions of the incident.

While Hamilton received a 10-second penalty for his role during the race, Christian Horner’s team has complained that the penalty was insufficient in light of the ramifications for Verstappen and the World Championship standings.

Hamilton’s remarkable comeback from a penalty to win the race at Silverstone narrowed the championship gap to just eight points.

In order for Formula 1 to pursue Red Bull’s crash protest further, the team must present new information or proof during a video conference on the topic on Thursday; if they are successful, the authorities will conduct a new investigation into the crash.

Marko spoke frankly about the topic in an interview with RTL, however the Austrian stated that he couldn’t go into detail about what the team will present: “We’re delighted it came to this modification, and then we’ll see how they rate it.” But I believe that what we present will cast it [the disaster]in a new light.

“We offer fresh information and data that were not available to us at the time of the race suspension or when the whole situation was handled, partly because we were focused on Max and how he was doing.

“We have footages, but the most important aspect is that we are bringing new evidences, but please realize that we cannot reveal the specifics.

“Those facts will be presented in the meeting on Thursday, and we hope that it will result in a review of the penalty.”

Marko was equally candid when asked what kind of penalty Red Bull is hoping Hamilton receives retrospectively:

“A penalty that would have prevented a victory is appropriate. Something along those lines, like a drive-through or a suspension.”

Marko appeared quiet confident, but he was well aware of it. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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