Red Bull is being asked to reel in Max Verstappen over the Lewis Hamilton squabble – ‘The race is the goal.’


Red Bull is being asked to reel in Max Verstappen over the Lewis Hamilton squabble – ‘The race is the goal.’

Allan McNish, a former Formula One driver, knows why Max Verstappen’s temper flared during the Hungarian Grand Prix press conference on Thursday.

After Max Verstappen’s “animosity” off track approached boiling point ahead of the Hungarian Grand Prix, former F1 driver Allan McNish feels Mercedes boss Toto Wolff and his Red Bull counterpart Christian Horner should take a step back and focus on the job at hand.

Questions about Verstappen’s accident with Lewis Hamilton at the British Grand Prix dominated the press conference on Thursday, with the Dutchman refusing to answer any further questions about it.

It occurred after Red Bull slammed Hamilton, who went on to win the race, with CEO Christian Horner labeling him “desperate” and a “dirty driver,” and Chief Advisor Helmut Marko urging for Hamilton to face a race ban for his role in the incident.

However, Wolff dismissed any idea that Lewis Hamilton deserved to win the British Grand Prix, saying that “a win is a win” and that they will “put it in the scorecard and go on.”

The two teams’ verbal sparring has continued since then, but McNish believes the team bosses should take a step back after another dismal day for Red Bull at the Hungarian Grand Prix.

“At the end of the day, Christian Horner and Toto Wolff are two strong personalities,” McNish said on the F1 Nation podcast with Damon Hill and Tom Clarkson.

“They are driving the team forward for their own gain and, in the end, for the benefit of the team.

“You can’t just separate the two of them; I believe there comes a point where the enmity might have a negative impact on the team, including your own.

“All of the enthusiasm, whether it’s around the coffee machine or they’ve just had lunch or a debrief meeting, or even on Thursday when Max Verstappen brought it up in the press conference, I can appreciate Max’s point in this context.

“He’s been talking about this entire scenario with everyone since Thursday, but that’s the media’s prerogative because that’s the narrative, and that’s the story of the weekend leading up to the race.

“However, the team, in my opinion, sometimes needs to actually.”Brinkwire Summary News”.


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