RECAP OF THE OLYMPIC OPENING CEREMONY: Naomi Osaka lights the Olympic torch in Tokyo 2020


RECAP OF THE OLYMPIC OPENING CEREMONY: Naomi Osaka lights the Olympic torch in Tokyo 2020

Relive Express Sport’s live coverage of the opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics.

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That’s all there is to it. What a fitting conclusion to a great and reverent event. The Olympic Games of 2020 are now officially underway!

Thank you for tuning in to Express Sport’s live coverage of the opening ceremony this morning.

Stay tuned for more coverage of the different disciplines competing in this year’s Olympics in the coming weeks. Cheers!

The flame is passed around several times before being used to light the cauldron, which is designed like a flower this year.

Naomi Osaka, a Japanese tennis player, has the honor of lighting it.

The four-time Grand Slam winner ascends the stairwells of a miniature Mount Fuji, lifts the torch, and all is well! What a lovely sight.

The Games are about to begin!

Of course, when I said it will be lit shortly, I didn’t mean immediately…

The lights of all the sites across Tokyo are turned on to remind us of the 50 events that will be contested at this Olympics.

After that, we receive a short stage performance with piano accompaniment.

Then it’s time for the torch relay.



And the 32nd Olympiad Games are now officially underway!

The five-ring Olympic flag is raised after Emperor Naruhito makes a brief speech to declare the Games open. Fireworks light up the Tokyo sky, and the five-ring Olympic flag is raised.

We’re treated to a fantastic version of the Olympic anthem as it rises. The flame will be kindled soon.

It’s time for some speeches…

“Today is a moment of hope,” says Thomas Bach, president of the International Olympic Committee. Yes, it is quite different from what we had anticipated.

“But let us treasure this moment because, at long last, we are all here together in the Olympic Village: athletes from 205 National Olympic Committees and the IOC Refugee Olympic Team.

“Sport has the ability to bring people together. This is a message of peace, of togetherness, and of resiliency. This gives us all hope for the rest of our trip together.”

‘Hang on, wackiness’ may be difficult to surpass as the best Olympic commentary.

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