RECAP OF THE AUSTRIAN GRAND PRIX: Max Verstappen takes a commanding victory to extend his championship lead.


RECAP OF THE AUSTRIAN GRAND PRIX: Max Verstappen takes a commanding victory to extend his championship lead.

Relive Express Sport’s live coverage of Max Verstappen’s spectacular triumph at the Red Bull Ring, which extended his lead at the top of the standings.

Sainz passes Ricciardo for sixth place, capping an outstanding performance by the Spaniard. Ricciardo has been fantastic, but his tyres failed him at the finish. Verstappen crosses the finish line to win by a mile. Valtteri Bottas finishes second, 18 seconds behind the winner, with Lando Norris, perhaps the best driver on the day, completing the podium in third.

Hamilton can only finish fourth, with Sainz and Ricciardo certain to overtake Perez in the standings as a result of Perez’s penalties.

Disappointment in the Williams garage as Alonso finally passes Russell, who had a fantastic race but lacked the vehicle to keep the Alpine behind him. He seemed to be on the verge of missing out on the points again again.

Former world champion Fernando Alonso is being held off by George Russell, while Carlos Sainz has been permitted past Charles Leclerc to pursue Daniel Ricciardo. Lando Norris is still two seconds ahead of Valtteri Bottas at the top.

Surprisingly, Red Bull pitted Verstappen and gave him fresh rubber to get him to the finish line. He still leads Bottas by 7 seconds as he exits the pit lane. Norris sits third, with a 20-second lead over fourth-placed Lewis Hamilton.

In the race for second place, things are heating up. Valtteri Bottas is closing in on Hamilton, and the two exchange positions as they approach Turn 1. Lando Norris, who is closing in on them and seeking to challenge for the podium, is hard on their tails. Is he capable of passing Hamilton? YES, HE IS CAPABLE!

Meanwhile, Perez has been docked another five seconds for dragging Leclerc off the course.

Charles Leclerc attempts to circumnavigate Perez once more. Perez slams him into the gravel once more. Will the stewards intervene once more? Keep an eye on the situation!

Lando Norris is in fourth place and driving a fantastic race. He’s still within striking distance of the two Mercedes in front of him, and he’s tearing up the track on similarly worn tyres. Could Lando be on his way to a podium?

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