RECAP: Max Verstappen secures pole ahead of Lewis Hamilton in the British Grand Prix sprint race.


RECAP: Max Verstappen secures pole ahead of Lewis Hamilton in the British Grand Prix sprint race.

At the British Grand Prix sprint race, Max Verstappen beat Lewis Hamilton to pole position.

Max Verstappen’s quick start in the British Grand Prix sprint race earned him pole position for Sunday’s main race. The sprint race began with Lewis Hamilton at the front of the grid, but he was unable to overcome a sluggish start.

As a result, Verstappen wins the first Formula One sprint race. At the start of the race, he snatched the lead from Hamilton and didn’t look back. Now we’re looking forward to the race tomorrow!











With two laps to go, Verstappen appears to be on his way to winning the sprint. If he can hold on, he’ll be on the pole.

Mercedes claims that Verstappen’s front-right [tyre]has scorching. Hamilton says, “I do, too.”

Lap 12: Hamilton attempts to close the distance on Verstappen by setting the fastest lap. In the Sprint, there is no additional point available for that.

On lap nine, we’ve just witnessed some thrilling racing between Ricciardo and Alonso as they fight for sixth place. Ricciardo did an excellent job of fending him off.

We’ve reached the midway point, and Russell and Sainz are both being investigated for their involvement in the incident. Verstappen’s lead over Hamilton has grown.

Wow! Sergio Perez spins off the course and finishes in 19th place.

George Russell and Carlos Sainz collided on the third lap, but both are still racing. Russell has tumbled from eighth to tenth, while Sainz has slipped from ninth to sixteenth.

Alonso has a fantastic start, climbing six positions to fifth place.

Verstappen makes a strong start, getting ahead of Hamilton at the opening corner. Hamilton tries to apply some pressure, but Verstappen holds him off admirably.

Turn out the lights!

As the formation lap begins, drivers have a free choice of tyres for both sprint qualifying and the British Grand Prix. Bottas has soft tyres, while the rest of the top ten have mediums.

We’ll be at Silverstone in five minutes.

“It’s been a year since we’ve had this. I’ve lost my ability to speak. After Friday’s qualifying practice, Hamilton stated, “I am really grateful to see everyone here.”

“With the fantastic work we’ve done as a team, I was hopeful,” Brinkwire Summary News says.


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