Producer involvement, food theft, and concealed rule breaches are among the I’m a Celeb backstage secrets.


Producer involvement, food theft, and concealed rule breaches are among the I’m a Celeb backstage secrets.

EXCLUSIVE AJ Pritchard, a participant on I’m a Celebrity, has exposed some important behind-the-scenes show secrets, claiming that producers constantly assist contestants and hide repeated rule violations. AJ Pritchard, a contestant on I’m a Celebrity 2020, has stated that producers help the competitors on the program more than they like to admit.

When AJ Pritchard spoke to the Brinkwire on behalf of William Hill, he revealed some tasty behind-the-scenes IMAC details.

He revealed that producers frequently provide a hand to candidates who ask for help in footage that is never shown to the public.

AJ stated, “I’m not sure if it was more of a case of breaching the rules or if it was more of a case of ‘guys, I need help.’

“We told the producers, ‘You know what, there’s a bit of a draft where we’re sleeping,’ so we had them erect a door between the beds and the campsite.”

Staff created a shed for their firewood, according to the former Strictly Come Dancing star, in order to keep the material dry for them.

He went on to say: “But, because it was constantly so wet and cold, we had production construct us a shed where we could store our wood to keep it dry, which would allow us to chop it more easily and burn it more efficiently, resulting in less smoke.

“We ended up ‘grand designing’ things to help us since it wasn’t helping them nearly as much as it wasn’t helping us.”

Due to Covid restrictions, last year’s series was the first to be held in Wales, having been relocated from a warmer venue in Australia.

The show is known for featuring topless photos of the celebrities who appear on it, which prompted AJ to diet prior to his appearance on the show.

However, once he joined the Welsh series, he quickly realized that his efforts were for naught because he never had to take off his garments owing to the colder climate.

Aj said, ” “I starved myself to achieve a six-pack, even though I didn’t need one for I’m a Celebrity. To keep warm, I should have kept the fat on my body.

“If you’re warm, you think to yourself, “Hey, I’m warm.” I’m looking ripped now that I’ve taken off my clothing.’ When you’re chilly, however, no one notices you and no one cares.” The 26-year-old also revealed his one regret from his time on the show, which stemmed from his use with illegal substances.

He stated, ” “I put it in the pockets of my jacket. The news is summarized by Brinkwire.


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