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Premier League clubs ‘expected to vote on five substitute rule on September 3’

Premier League clubs are expected to vote at a meeting on September 3 whether to reinstate the five substitution rule for this coming season. 

Clubs are at war over the decision after the International Football Association Board left the decision up to the leagues – with the Scottish Premier League already opting out. 

Manchester United, Manchester City, Chelsea, Arsenal and Premier League champions Liverpool are among those who are pushing for the rule to be implemented.

Sky Sports chief reporter Bryan Swanson tweeted:’Premier League clubs considering decision not to use five substitutes next season.

‘New vote expected at meeting on Sept 3 over whether to use five subs after all.’  

The Premier League’s last vote fell in favour of traditional rules as 13 clubs voted against the additional subs, compared to the seven clubs who voted for.

Newly-promoted West Brom, Leeds and Fulham were against the decision – voting for games to be played with the normal number of subs.

However, the league’s chiefs are due to address the decision during a Zoom call after a number of top-flight clubs ‘found enough support to raise the issue again’, according to The Sun.

With some clubs joining the ‘for’ side, it is likely that rule 27 could now be implemented for the coming season – which starts on September 12.

Those that are opposed to the additional subs claim that rule will favour top clubs who’s second string that sit on the bench are as good as their first.

For example Manchester City – who are for the rule – have a staggering amount of strength on their bench with the likes of Gabriel Jesus waiting to come on.

Clubs have also called for officials to use pitch-side monitors to come to decisions as they look to improve the implementation of VAR next season.

As of next season, referees will also penalise goalkeepers for encroachment on penalties. Should a goalkeeper save a penalty with the foot over the goal, a retake will be given to the striker.   

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