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Premier League clubs could start the new season up to TEN DAYS after the September 12 start date

A number of Premier League clubs are expected to be afforded extra time off by the top flight and start the 2020-21 campaign late, as a result of their respective endeavours in European competition. 

Despite finishing the league season on Sunday, Chelsea, Manchester City, Manchester United and Wolves still have a chance of winning European silverware, with all four competing in either the Champions League or Europa League.

And the Premier League is expected to ring-fence a guaranteed 30-day rest period for players to recover after a hectic fixture schedule to wrap up the 2019-20 season. 

That 30-day period will commence from the day after each side finishes its European campaign, with the latest possible date either August 21 (Europa League) or August 23 (Champions League). 

The proposal will be discussed at the next Premier League Annual General Meeting (AGM), set for August 6, and could be ratified that day. 

It means that, in the scenario that either Chelsea or City make the Champions League final on August 23, they would kick off their Premier League campaign on September 22 – 10 days after the new season officially starts.

If either Wolves or United reach the final of the Europa League, the first game of the Premier League for those sides would not be before September 20. 

The rest of the Premier League will start the new campaign on September 12, after the date was announced last week, but there is a conscious effort to ensure that those clubs playing in Europe are given adequate time to recover following a busy schedule. 

Nuno Espirito Santo’s Wolves side started the 2019-20 campaign on July 25 last year when they hosted Crusaders at Molineux and could feasibly see their season end on August 21. 

Meanwhile, the summer transfer window will run from July 27 and close on October 5 at 11pm, giving clubs 10 weeks to buy and sell players.  

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