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Premier League agree to follow new VAR rules which will see refs use the pitchside monitors more

Premier League shareholders have agreed to implement a variety of new rules for next season – including one which says referees should use the pitchside monitor more often.

The top-flight’s Annual General Meeting took place today where shareholders and clubs unanimously approved the use of VAR for next season.

But officials have been told to use the pitchside monitor, also known as the Referee Review Area, for goals, red cards and penalties.

Other rules to come into force next season involve encroachment and goalkeeper positioning on penalty kicks.

If a goalkeeper saves a penalty and one of his feet is over the goal line, then the spot-kick must be retaken. 

Furthermore, if a player who is not the penalty taker places a part of his body on the floor inside the area whilst a spot-kick is being taken, then it is deemed encroachment. 

Assistant referees have also been ordered to keep their flags down for marginal offside calls, which will be reviewed by VAR when a goal is scored.

Last month, the International Football Association Board (IFAB), who dictate the laws of the game, handed responsibility of VAR rules over to governing body FIFA. 

During its debut season in the Premier League, the video technology was the subject of intense criticism from supporters and pundits about its inconsistency. 

The AGM meeting also saw top-flight clubs on the number of substitutions teams are allowed to make during matches.

Clubs voted to revert back to a maximum of three replacements per team during matches, with a substitutes bench of seven players. 

The major European leagues temporarily switched to five substitutions per team in a game with a maximum of nine players on the bench due to the fitness concerns raised during the coronavirus pandemic.

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