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Pochettino will rage at how he is portrayed as Tottenham’s All Or Nothing series becomes ‘The Jose Mourinho Show’

FORGET All Or Nothing — Amazon should call their sensational new fly-on-the-ball series about  Tottenham: The Jose Mourinho Show.

For that is what the production  really is, an ode to the Special One.

The achievements of predecessor Mauricio Pochettino are almost forgotten in this soap opera of last season at Spurs.

It is like the previous 5½ years under Poch at the North London club never happened.

The series will only fan the flames of those conspiracists who claimed Mourinho was only appointed Tottenham boss to ensure this show was a success and ultimately boost Amazon Prime’s subscribers.

That is surely nonsense — although Pochettino’s starring role in this supposedly groundbreaking series lasts barely beyond 30 minutes of the first of nine episodes.

From then on, it is Jose, Jose, Jose.

SunSport understands even Spurs staff, watching the final edit, were shocked by how  little footage of their former manager there is.

And what footage of Poch does appear in this series is hardly flattering.

Even their sacking was all about Levy. Not a single word on the events from Pochettino or any footage of his sacking in what is supposed to be an access-all-areas documentary.

The cameras showed him and Daniel Levy meeting at the new stadium’s first NFL game, where they did not look that friendly, and the awkward small-talk turned to the chairman asking his manager if his cardigan was cashmere!

It could not have been any more embarrassing had Levy asked Poch: “Do you come here often?”

The writing was clearly on the wall and that has been supported by sources  revealing the Argie was told by Levy he was a dead man walking after his bizarre announcement he could quit the club if they won the 2019 Champions League final.

When talking about Pochettino’s appointment in 2014, Levy claims: “I got lucky.”

No mention of the way his previous boss and backroom team turned the club around.

It was all down to the chairman’s good fortune.

Even their sacking was all about Levy. Not a single word on the events from Pochettino or any footage of his sacking in what is supposed to be an access-all-areas documentary.

Instead it was mainly made to seem it was all Poch’s fault, which to an extent it was — only not as much as the start of this series makes out.

Almost all of the footage of Pochettino portrays him as a weak manager who was to blame for the club allowing the contracts of their top stars like Toby Alderweireld,  Christan Eriksen and Jan Vertonghen to run down.

Indeed, Eriksen and  Vertonghen — who were happy to run down their deals in order to a cop a Bosman  fortune — were portrayed far more sympathetically.

While the episodes made Levy look like he was some Kofi Annan figure in all this — seemingly forgetting the chairman was and is responsible for who gets a new deal at Spurs and who does not.

Asked about what the sacking of Poch was like, he said: “A lot of heartache is the honest answer. It’s never easy when you have to ask somebody to leave the club but, when you’ve been working with them for 5½ years, it’s difficult.

“My heart was telling me don’t do it and my brain was telling me I needed to do it.

“It’s the most emotional decision I’ve ever had to make.”

Nonetheless, the man who never gives interviews was able to open his heart to a firm with a warehouse in Tilbury.

Levy added: “Only time will tell if we made the right  decision.”

When are those viewing  figures announced, again?

Footage then shows  Mourinho’s agent around a table at Tottenham’s training ground urging Levy to sign the  contract to get the Jose deal done — with a very public pat on the back for all  concerned, crowing: “We did well to keep this quiet, didn’t we.”


So much for Levy’s agonising over  the decision as  this proved he had been working for weeks on  bringing in Mourinho — and Pochettino, according to Harry Kane, never had a Scooby.

When the striker sat down with some of his team-mates in the  canteen the morning after the night before, Vertonghen insisted: “They knew already, didn’t they?”

But Kane revealed: “No, I spoke with him last night.  The chairman came in, said ‘Can we talk? You are being sacked and you need to pack your things because you are leaving tonight.’”

There is then great footage of Mourinho unpacking and moving into his office at  Tottenham’s training ground as a show being broadcast by the huge plasma TV debates whether he still has what it takes to be a manager.

As one pundit insists the Portuguese is beyond his best, the new Spurs chief stands up and screams at the screen: F*** you!

Which is basically what Amazon have done to Poch.

But if you want to gain even a snippet into the guarded world of a Premier League football club then this series is for you.

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