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Players face 12 GAME bans for racism as FA clamps down

Players could face a 12-match ban for racism and discrimination with even insults based on nationality heavily punished under a new Football Association clampdown.

English football’s governing body will push for suspensions of between six and 12 matches for any player found to have committed an offence.

The new guidelines include six-match bans for insults based on nationality such as being English, Welsh, Scottish or Irish, and any offences of homophobia. 

Any discriminatory incidents on social media will carry a minimum three-match ban for the culprit.

It follows a season which saw Manchester City’s Bernardo Silva and Tottenham Hotspur’s Dele Alli banned for only one match for social media postings that breached FA policy.

And the FA will now be able to punish players, or anyone involved in football, even if the incident takes place away from a football setting, such as in a pub or nightclub.

The FA said: ‘While a range of financial penalties are possible, action plans implement practical and measurable improvements to match-day operations that in some instances can come at a significant financial cost to offending clubs.

‘Any subsequent offences will be treated with the utmost seriousness; in such circumstances, regulatory commissions can impose any sanctions they deem appropriate but either full or partial stadium closures and financial penalties will be considered.’

The FA’s director of legal and governance Polly Handford said: ‘We are committed to investigating, charging and sanctioning all forms of discrimination with consistency and transparency.

‘No two cases are ever the same, but our new charging policies and sanctioning guidelines provide clear frameworks for the circumstances in which we will act and set out suggested penalties to accurately reflect the severity of each incident.

‘By publishing these policies and guidelines in full, we hope that participants, supporters and the general public will have greater awareness and understanding of our approach and any decisions next season.’

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