Piers Morgan defends Lewis Hamilton as the Formula One driver claims he has been COVID for a long time.


Piers Morgan defends Lewis Hamilton as the Formula One driver claims he has been COVID for a long time.

Piers Morgan has praised Lewis Hamilton after the seven-time Formula One champion claimed to be long COVID.

In the wake of Lewis Hamilton’s claims that he has lengthy COVID, Piers Morgan defends him. After yesterday’s grueling Hungarian Grand Prix, the seven-time world champion saw the team doctor, who confirmed he was suffering from exhaustion and disorientation.

“Do not underestimate the effects of long-covid,” Morgan, 56, wrote on Twitter after contracting the infection himself. I’ve never had exhaustion like this, and it’s been about three weeks since the symptoms began.

“Lewis, one of the world’s fittest athletes, was diagnosed with covid eight months ago and is still experiencing symptoms that he feels are related to it.”

Hamilton, who had the illness in Dubai last December, need assistance to reach the top of the podium.

In contrast to race winner Esteban Ocon and the now-disqualified Sebastien Vettel, he appeared weary and kept his celebrations to a minimum.

In his post-race press conference, Hamilton expressed his dissatisfaction, saying that things had become “blurry on the podium.”

“I was experiencing severe dizziness, and everything on the podium became a little hazy. Following what happened at the end of last year, I’ve been striving to stay healthy, but it’s still a battle.”

The 36-year-old remembers contracting the infection and having to adjust his regimen as a result.

“I recall the effects of COVID, and training has changed much since then. The amount of exhaustion you experience is different, and it’s a genuine challenge,” continued the Mercedes driver.

“I’m doing my best to keep training and preparing. Who can say what it was like today? I’m not sure if it was dehydration, but it was definitely different.”

When the press conference was completed, Ocon and a member of the Mercedes crew assisted Hamilton to his feet.

Vettel’s superb effort in what was a thrilling race has now gone up in flames as he was deprived of his second-place finish.

Because race authorities were unable to take a one-litre fuel sample from his car after the race, he was disqualified.

According to the rules, drivers must be able to deliver at least that amount of gasoline at any time during the race, but Vettel only had 0.3 litres on hand.

Aston Martin has filed an appeal, but Hamilton has been promoted to second place. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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