Park Ji-sung has advised Man Utd fans to refrain from singing a ‘racially derogatory’ chant.


Park Ji-sung has advised Man Utd fans to refrain from singing a ‘racially derogatory’ chant.

Park Ji-sung has made a passionate plea to Manchester United’s supporters to stop the song.

Park Ji-sung has asked Manchester United fans to stop repeating a slogan about him, describing it as a “racial slur to Korean people.” After hearing the cry during United’s 1-0 win over Wolves, the former Man United player has spoken out.

During his seven years at Old Trafford, where he made over 200 appearances, the South Korean became a cult icon.

Sir Alex Ferguson signed Park from PSV Eindhoven in 2005, and he went on to play in some of United’s most important games.

With his tremendous energy and work rate, as well as his passing ability, he became a cult icon among United fans.

Before leaving the club in 2012 to join QPR, he added 13 titles to his trophy cabinet with the club, and later returned in 2014 as a worldwide ambassador.

He is still warmly greeted at Old Trafford, particularly by United fans, who have been heard chanting a personalized tribute to their former player.

It starts off innocently enough with “Park, Park wherever you may be,” but then it makes a reference to people in South Korea eating dogs.

When Man United beat Wolves at Molineux in August, the away section purportedly chanted the song as the hosts presented new signing Hee-chan Hwang to the fans.

The shout referred to racial stereotypes, according to South Korean media sites covering the game, and Park has stated that he will not allow the slogan to be chanted again.

Park told UTD, the club’s official podcast, “I’m genuinely sad for him [Hwang] to hear that.”

“I know United fans aren’t offended by the song, but I still need to educate the fans to stop using the term [dog meat], which is often used as a racial slur against Koreans these days.”

“That specific word is extremely upsetting to Koreans, and I pity the younger players who were exposed to that type of music.”

Park went on to say that, while eating dogs has been a popular practice in Korea throughout its history, the society has evolved, with animal rights becoming a big problem among the younger generation. “Brinkwire News Summary.”


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