Orders Coronavirus to cancel two title games


Because of the Corona virus, Saturday’s Sky Bet Championship matches between Brentford and Bristol City and Luton and QPR have also been postponed. On Friday, Bristol City reported that Covid had 19 symptoms that day in their team, and the closing of the national holiday testing facility meant that it was not possible to test the entire squad and backroom staff before the Brentford game.

A statement on bcfc.co.uk said, “Following discussions with Brentford and the English Football League, the decision has been taken to postpone the game for the safety of players and staff at both clubs. A new date for the game will be announced in due course. “#BristolCity statement: -Bristol City FC (@BristolCity) January 1, 2021Shortly after this news, Luton announced that their home game will again be announced. “We are awaiting further tests which unfortunately cannot be completed through official EFL procedures before tomorrow’s 3pm kick-off, so the league has agreed to postpone the match based on our own recommendation and the league’s medical advice. Club Statement | Tomorrow’s match against @QPR has been postponed #COYH https://t.co/jzdLVljubm- @LutonTown (@LutonTown) January 1, 2021 “We are waiting for further tests that unfortunately can not be completed before tomorrow’s 3pm kick-off by official EFL procedures, so the league has agreed to postpone the match based on our own recommendation and medical advice from the league. Club Statement | Tomorrow’s match against @QPR has been postponed #COYH https://t.co/jzdLVljubm- @LutonTown- @LutonTown- @LutonTown- @QPR has been postponed #COYH https://t.co/jzdLVljubm- @ In compliance with EFL and government protocols, all positive cases of players and employees will self-isolate, and the Brache training ground will be closed whilst the majority of the squad and employees undergo official EFL monitoring. And in the midst of rising Covid 19 rates and a the amount of match postponements, the EFL has sent revised coronavirus protocols to clubs, which include requiring play Locker rooms and canteens must be closed, gymnasiums and other indoor spaces can only be used if they are well ventilated, and clubs have been asked to use separate or multiple vehicles to travel to games. While due to individual circumstances, including the financial implications of unnecessary transportation, the EFL can not portray the new protocols as uniformly unbreakable, the PA news agency ex ex The league will independently investigate each match postponement due to the corona virus, with the possibility of penalties or points deductions if it is found that clubs did not have appropriate justification for the postponement – or that they violated best practice. One of the seven League One matches postponed on Tuesday alone (Zac Goodwin/PA) was Doncaster’s game against Fleetwood. The Football Association sent an email to clubs playing in the third round of the FA Cup, according to PA, telling them they must play their matches even though only 14 players without corona virus are available. The email, sent on Friday, notes that clubs must do everything in their power to keep the competition on track and that if at least 14 players are eligible, matches should be played. Problems in this respect should be identified as soon as possible and the federation will review the matter with a view to a possible postponement. The matches are scheduled from 8 to 11 January.


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