On camera, Shaquille O’Neal’s amusing response to Tyson Fury’s Deontay Wilder KO.


NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal was one of many celebrities to attend Tyson Fury’s successful WBC title defence against Deontay Wilder in Las Vegas on Saturday night, and his amazed reaction to the knockout blow was caught on camera.

NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal was one of many celebrity stars in attendance for Tyson Fury’s third clash with Deontay Wilder – and he was left stunned by the epic fight in Las Vegas. Fury defeated Wilder to retain his WBC title at the T-Mobile Arena on Saturday night.

The highly-anticipated third bout between the pair lived up to the billing and will go down as one of the great heavyweight fights in modern boxing history.

Fury was in the driving seat early, particularly after he knocked Wilder down in round three.

Wilder impressively struck back in round four as he knocked Fury twice to the canvas, critically striking the Brit when he was struggling to stand.

However, the Gypsy King responded excellently and took control of the fight in the latter rounds.

His dominance ensured that it was his fight to lose and after Wilder picked himself up from a 10th-round knockdown, Fury delivered the killer blow with a crushing 11th round knockout strike.

Former Los Angeles Lakers star O’Neal reacted perfectly to the action as it unfolded before him.

With Fury looking to land the decisive blow, cameras picked up O’Neal’s open-mouth, amazed reaction as he couldn’t believe what he was watching.

O’Neal was one of many stars to attend the fight in Sin City, with the likes of boxing legend Mike Tyson and disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong in the crowd, as well as basketball stars Draymond Green and Damian Lillard.


Hollywood was well-represented too, as Michael B. Jordan, Michael J. Fox and Vince Vaughn were ringside.

After the fight, Fury was relatively respectful when speaking about his opponent and claimed Wilder was the ‘second-best’ boxer in the world.

Wilder did not return the favour though, and reportedly told Fury he did not want to show sportsmanship after taking the second loss of his career.

Naturally, Fury responded to Wilder’s poor sportsmanship by disrespecting the Bronze Bomber.

“As the great John Wayne said, I’m made of pig, iron and steal,” Fury bellowed after defending his title.

“It was a great fight and worthy of any great trilogy fight.

“He’s got no love for me because. “Brinkwire Summary News”.


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