Novak Djokovic’s tearful mother claims her son was ‘tortured and harassed.’


Novak Djokovic’s tearful mother insists her son was “tortured and harassed.”

On Monday, the family of NOVAK DJOKOVIC held an emotional press conference.

Novak Djokovic’s mother was visibly upset as she claimed her son had been subjected to emotional ‘torture’ and ‘harassment’ during his visa application for the Australia Open later this month.

Djokovic’s appeal to stay in the country was upheld by a judge last night after the Australian Border Force cancelled his visa ahead of the tournament.

Due to his lack of vaccination against COVID-19, Djokovic was initially granted a medical exemption to compete later this month.

The eight-time Australian Open champion was detained in a state-run immigration facility after the Australian government threatened to revoke his visa.

The 34-year-old was facing deportation but filed an appeal, with a hearing set for Sunday.

Djokovic was granted permission to remain in the country by a judge.

However, the situation is likely to worsen because the Australian government has the ability to overturn the verdict if it so chooses.

On Monday, Djokovic’s family held a press conference, during which his mother, Dijana, claimed that her son had been subjected to emotional ‘torture’ and ‘harassment.’

“Thank you for coming, so many of you,” she said.

We’ve gathered to celebrate the victory of our son, Novak, a young man who grew up in a family where lying and cheating were not tolerated.

“He’s always fought for justice; he’s done nothing wrong, he hasn’t broken any of their (Australian) laws, and he was tortured and harassed, and we’ll learn even more about what he went through.”

“He fought the system and the government because he believed he had a right to be there with the visa he was granted, and he went there to win that tournament.”

“We’ve never had to deal with a situation like this before.

This was extremely difficult for us, and we have been fighting for him these past few days to ensure that his voice is heard around the world.

“There has been a range of emotions: sadness, fear, disappointment, and there have been times when he didn’t have his phone with him – we had no idea what was going on, whether he was well, ill, or fine.”

“Those are the things that I care about.”

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