Novak Djokovic has defied science and colleagues in his quest to spread his gospel.


Novak Djokovic has defied science and colleagues in his quest to spread his gospel.

Novak Djokovic won his visa court case to compete in the Australian Open, but his anti-vax stance has shown a disregard for those with whom he might share a locker room.

Andy Murray is correct when he says that no one benefits from the storm that has surrounded Novak Djokovic.

In the wreckage left behind by Djokovic’s escalating shambles to be a part of the Australian Open in Melbourne, there are losers all over.

The Australian government and tennis authorities, immigration officials, Djokovic himself, and even his family, who did everything they could to inflame the conflict with an ill-advised press conference back in Serbia, are among them.

Djokovic’s mother, Dijana, claimed that her son had been “harassed” and “tortured,” which may have left some of her fellow Serbians scratching their heads in disbelief, given the country’s history in the 1990s.

“This is his (Djokovic’s) biggest win, bigger than any Grand Slam,” she went on to say.

No, it isn’t.

This utter shambles provides no opportunity for triumph.

Djokovic returned to the practice courts after the law courts overturned his visa cancellation, much to the chagrin of his parents and brother.

He thanked his fans and posted a message on social media insisting that he was determined to compete in the tournament.

Djokovic’s family refused to answer questions about him attending indoor public events in the days after he tested positive for Covid and abruptly ended the press conference, while the star himself remained silent on the subject.

As the dispute continues, we are left with more questions than answers from a man who shouldn’t have been in Australia in the first place.

He remained silent, oblivious to his vaccination status, and his tournament credentials should have been revoked.

Anti-vaxxers have made Djokovic their public face.

Thousands of the same fans he thanked protested in Melbourne and Belgrade, breaking Covid rules in the process.

Djokovic may be preaching his gospel, but in a risky and irresponsible turn of events, he is also spreading the virus.

Djokovic lives in his own world, believing that vaccination is more harmful to society than beneficial.

And now he’s inviting those brainwashed by his beliefs into that twisted place to wreck havoc on one of the world’s most prestigious tennis tournaments.

He is.

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