Novak Djokovic defended himself in the Australian Open visa dispute, saying he had been treated like a drug smuggler.


Novak Djokovic defended himself in the Australian Open visa dispute, saying he had been treated like a drug smuggler.

NOVAK DJOKOVIC appears to be out of the Australian Open this year.

As the fallout from Novak Djokovic’s visa controversy continues to rumble on, former Serbia head coach Bogdan Obradovic has defended him.

Prior to the Australian Open, the world No. 1 was granted a vaccine exemption.

The Australian government, on the other hand, has barred him from competing and ordered him to stay in a quarantine hotel.

The Australian Open made it clear from the start that competitors without the jab would be disqualified.

However, they appeared to reverse their position when they granted Djokovic a medical exemption to compete.

It’s all started since then, though.

Djokovic and his father flew to Australia, but they were held in the airport for several hours before border officials informed them that he didn’t meet the entry requirements.

He’s been taken to a government detention facility, and his deportation is set to be decided by a court on Monday.

Tennis organisers said Djokovic had been cleared to defend his title by two independent medical panels convened by Tennis Australia and Victoria State.

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Despite this, there has been a massive backlash in the country, with 90% of those over the age of 16 getting the job.

Former Serbia coach Obradovic believes Djokovic is being treated unfairly, accusing Australia of treating the world No. 1 like a drug smuggler in an interview with Meridian Sport.

“This has nothing to do with sports; it’s a political issue; a new world order is being established,” he explained.

“From a scientific standpoint, much bigger experts than me will confirm that in the future.

“It is scandalous how they treated Novak Djokovic.”

“Taking away his phone, the way they detained him with two cars, as if he were a drug smuggler rather than the greatest athlete of all time,” says the author.

On Thursday, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison addressed the Djokovic controversy.

“No one is above the rules,” he said, adding, “Mr Djokovic’s visa has been revoked.”

“When it comes to our borders, rules are rules.”

“These rules apply to everyone.

Our strong border policies have contributed to Australia having one of the lowest COVID death rates in the world, and this trend continues.

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