No substitution attempts for concussions during the third round of the FA Cup


No replacements for concussions will be used in the third round of the FA Cup, as confirmed by the PA news agency. Last month, the Football Association announced that it would test the use of up to two extra concussed substitutes per squad “at the earliest opportunity.” in its premier competition.

It is, however, acknowledged that the full protocol has not yet been obtained from the legislative body of soccer, the International Football Association Board (IFAB).[2/3] At the upcoming annual business meeting of IFAB on December 16, 2020, the FA will endorse the IFAB FAP-TAP plan with a view to introducing the trials at the earliest opportunity in the 2020/21 Emirates FA Cup and Vitality Women’s F FA Cup. -FA Spokesperson (@FAspokesperson) November 23, 2020This means that the trial will begin at the earliest in the fourth round. Last month, FA Chief Executive Mark Bullingham said, “When we talk about the FA Cup, depending on how quickly we can process everything, it will either be the third or fourth round.” Under the rule, the opposition is permitted to make an amendment to compensate for any concussion. But we’ll have a lipstick trial and either be stuck here or inch slowly forward in 1y(?more) “ Dr Willie Stewart (@WillStewNeuro) December 16, 2020 When he talked about it last month, Bullingham defended the procedure, saying, “I’m very shocked that this is seen as a way out. I see it as a step forward. “We’re taking off the field any player suspected of having a concussion. I recognize that there are two models that have different principles, but we see this as the better model, the safer model, from our point of view, and this is what the medical experts suggest to us. Since the FA introduced the temporary update to the Laws of the Game, teams can use up to five substitutes in a match, leaving nine substitutes on the bench. No further substitutions are permitted if a game goes to extra time.


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