Nick Kyrgios isn’t ready to talk about Venus Williams’ devastating Wimbledon injury.


Nick Kyrgios isn’t ready to talk about Venus Williams’ devastating Wimbledon injury.

Nick Kyrgios retired from his third-round match due to injury, and he is expected to withdraw from the doubles with Venus Williams as well.

Nick Kyrgios acknowledges that discussing the end of their doubles partnership with Venus Williams at this year’s Wimbledon will be “heartbreaking.” After suffering an injury, the Australian tennis star retired two sets into his third round match on Saturday.

The Australian formed a high-profile doubles combo with the five-time Wimbledon champion.

However, Kyrgios’ injury appears to have put a stop to their journey.

In the second round, the former Wimbledon quarterfinalist defeated Ugo Humbert in five sets over two days before blowing past Gianluca Mager of Italy.

The Australian started well in his third round encounter against Feix Auger Alliasime, winning the first set 6-2, but then suffered an injury and lost the second set 4-1.

And the Australian couldn’t hide his displeasure at the prospect of having to break the news to Venus that their relationship was ended.

He stated, “I mean, I’ll contact her since we’ve been messaging each other on Instagram.”

“It’ll be heartbreaking,” says the narrator. I’m sure I’ll run into her. She isn’t going to be happy about it either.

“She doesn’t know how many Wimbledons she’ll play in, but she might. Whether it’s mixed doubles, doubles, or singles, she doesn’t take any match for granted.

“Right now, I don’t want to think about it. I’m just a little disappointed.

“Obviously, I try to make it seem like it’s not a huge problem. In the grand scheme of things, it’s not a big deal, but it still bothers me.”

Kyrgios admits that competing at Wimbledon this year has required a lot of commitment.

“I made a lot of sacrifices to be here, to try and play, to put myself in a position to inflict damage,” he added.

“I wouldn’t have come if I didn’t think I’d be able to play at a high level. I actually performed much better than I anticipated.

“I’m confident going in against Zverev if I get past Felix tonight, which I looked like I did in the first set when I was playing lights out. There were so many elements that needed to come together.

“All I can say is that I’m disappointed. I don’t want to tell Venus about it just yet.”


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