Nick Kyrgios expresses his dissatisfaction with Australia’s treatment of Novak Djokovic, whom he refers to as a “great champion.”


Nick Kyrgios expresses his dissatisfaction with Australia’s treatment of Novak Djokovic, whom he refers to as a “great champion.”

After Novak Djokovic’s visa was cancelled when he arrived in Melbourne for the Australian Open, Nick Kyrgios urged people to remember that the world No. 1 is “human.”

Nick Kyrgios has slammed the Australian authorities’ handling of Novak Djokovic’s medical exemption.

After an overnight standoff with border officials, the world No. 1 announced that he was flying to Melbourne to play the Australian Open after receiving “an exemption permission,” but his visa was cancelled on arrival.

Djokovic is now in a quarantine hotel, waiting for his appeal hearing to resume on Monday.

Djokovic announced on Tuesday that he would be flying to Australia for the Australian Open after receiving “exemption permission,” and Tennis Australia later confirmed that the No. 1 had been granted a medical exemption “following a rigorous review process involving two separate independent panels of medical experts.”

However, while in the air, Australian border officials discovered an “issue” with the nine-time Australian Open champion’s visa, as a member of his team had apparently applied for the “wrong type” of visa, which did not cover medical exemptions.

Djokovic was taken to an airport room and interrogated by border officials overnight when he arrived in Melbourne late on Wednesday.

According to The Age, the 20-time Grand Slam champion attempted to enter the country on the grounds that he had recovered from a Covid-19 infection within the previous six months, which was the basis for his medical exemption. However, Australian Border Force denied him entry.

Djokovic was said to have presented “minimal” evidence for his exemption, which was backed up by only one doctor, and was unable to provide more proof when border officials and the Victorian government asked for it.

“The ABF can confirm that Mr Djokovic failed to provide appropriate evidence to meet the entry requirements to Australia, and his visa has been subsequently cancelled,” border officials said early Thursday morning.

“Non-citizens who enter Australia without a valid visa or whose visa has been revoked will be detained and removed.”

The 34-year-old’s lawyers then filed an appeal, and Djokovic is now staying in a quarantine hotel in Melbourne, awaiting the hearing’s resumption on Monday morning. However, he is said to be without his personal belongings, which are still at Tullamarine Airport.

The situation has shown itself.

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