NHL star left out of squad, could face 5yr jail term over claims he faked Covid ID – amid investigation into alleged abuse of wife.


The San Jose Sharks have announced that they have dropped winger Kane from their roster “pending completion of the NHL’s investigation” amid multiple reports that hockey bosses are looking into the alleged false card, which would be illegal in the US and Canada.

Top scorer for the Sharks last term, Kane hasn’t taken part in their training camp since “additional allegations” were announced on September 22, although Kane was cleared of gambling on games. 

Falsifying vaccination status can carry a jail term of up to five years in the US.

🚨🚨🚨Breaking News: Per the @SanJoseSharks “Evander Kane is considered a non-roster player pending completion of the NHL’s investigation.” pic.twitter.com/2namDou5k1

Kane’s former partner, Anna, made the gambling allegations in an Instagram post, and documents obtained by Front Office Sports have shown that she has made numerous accusations of abuse against the 30-year-old in a domestic violence restraining order application filed as part of her divorce case.

AJ Perez, a reporter for the outlet, has publicly shared a number of disturbing purported documents from the application, including an allegation that Kane forced her to perform oral sex on him shortly after they had returned from a funeral following the death of their daughter almost immediately after she was delivered in hospital at 28 weeks.

The documents show that Kane claims the player called her a “pathetic loser and stupid b*tch”, then told her that “you can’t rape your wife” when he allegedly forced her to have sex with him against her will again while she was still healing from her hospitalization.

Anna Kane didn’t delve into sports betting in her filing for a domestic for a violence restraining order application filed in San Jose on Tuesday. She did, however, lay out some very disturbing allegations. This below is the most gruesome in the docs. pic.twitter.com/0aHW3K1yu6

In Evander Kane’s petition for a restraining order last month, he said Anna Kane assaulted him multiple times.

Perez added that there is no criminal investigation and that the case is being presented in a family court as part of divorce proceedings, adding that Kane filed for a restraining order against Anna in August because he said she assaulted him multiple times.

The papers also appear to reveal allegations that Kane “lost almost $1 million” gambling when the Sharks played the Vegas Golden Knights in the playoffs in 2019, and claims that he assaulted Anna after one of those games.

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