Neil Lennon’s fiery press conference was Celtic boss’s ‘last stand’ amid disaster season, claims Levein


Craig Levein believes Neil Lennon’s explosive presser this week showed signs that the Celtic manager has ‘had enough’.

The former Hearts boss watched on as Lennon took aim at pundits, the Scottish government and the media over what he believes to be an ‘agenda’ against the club who are being held at a higher standard than other Scottish sides.

Lennon furiously snapped at Andy Walker over accusations against his professionalism and hit out at double standards he feels are being shown against his players. It comes after Christopher Jullien tested positive for Covid-19 following Celtic’s Dubai trip where another 13 players – as well as Lennon and John Kennedy – had to self-isolate. And another Celtic player tested positive upon return to Glasgow.

Levein, who has been no stranger to angry conferences in the past, viewed Lennon’s tirade as his ‘last stand’ with the Northern Irishman potentially feeling like he cannot do right for doing wrong. 

“For me, this is about Neil getting to the point where he’s probably just about had enough,” Levein told BBC Scotland. “That’s what it sounded like to me.

“I think he’s firing bullets in every direction, a last stand. I feel that he’s at the point where everything that he does at the moment doesn’t seem to work for him and that, for me, was the sound of somebody who’s exasperated.

“I’m trying to put myself in his shoes and he’s probably thinking he’s got enough trouble with the football that this added pressure is just not wanted in the slightest. The way things have gone for him this season, they’ve gone against him. I’m sure, in his mind, he’s thinking, ‘I cannot get a break here’.

“Even the Dubai thing that has worked brilliantly for them in previous seasons has become a huge problem.”

Levein also hinted that the pressure of trying to win 10 in a row for the Hoops has not helped the boss, adding: “This season has been THE worst season possible for Celtic, coming at a time when they were looking for their best-ever season.

“This 10-in-a-row thing has filled people’s heads until they’re about to explode. I feel a bit sorry for Neil in some regards.

“I just think this season has been incredibly frustrating for him.”


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