Neil Lennon believes in defensive shakeup to overcome the weakness of Celtic in build-up play


After watching his men concede several goals from corners and free kicks, NEIL LENNON is considering altering the way his side defend moves.

After conceding 21 goals in the last nine games, the Celtic coach insists that his team needs to improve in all areas of defense, while winning only two.

He acknowledges, however, that his players not only have to take more personal responsibility for protecting their target, but he needs to reconsider his defensive positioning himself.

Lennon said, “Those are the dirty parts of the game that we need to do better,”

Chris (Jullien) gets the first touch on the first goal [against Sparta]and we don’t take care of the second process, which is ours. That’s something we should have done without any problems.

We’ve got enough people to deal with the third goal, but we’re not chasing the sprint. These are errors of the person – shut them down.

It all comes from us being on a move in a really good spot. Even the last goal we scored in overtime, and maybe they feel that the game has gotten away from them at this point.

In transition, we could definitely do it differently – individually and collectively and certainly on set plays.

For them, it could have been a bit of an issue. They just have to be optimistic and trust themselves to deal with it.

We didn’t have a problem with it last year, but it has been a problem this year for some reason.

We are working really hard [to change it]. As well as man-to-man defense, I could change the way we line players up defensively.

“We’ll change that, maybe. We will look at it. It is something that we must certainly change.


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