Naughty Boy’s family speaks out after he threatens to leave I’m A Celeb.


Naughty Boy’s family speaks out after he threatens to leave I’m A Celeb.

Naughty Boy, an I’m A Celeb campmate, drew ire from viewers when he threatened to leave the show after losing a trial, prompting his family to speak up in his defense.

Naughty Boy, who appeared on I’m A Celeb for two days, perplexed viewers when he announced his intention to leave the show.

On Tuesday’s (November 23) episode, the award-winning music producer was seen admitting that he had spent too much time in the camp and that it was time for him to leave.

The unexpected outburst elicited some negative responses on social media, prompting his family to defend him.

Naughty Boy – real name Shahid Khan – was upset when the main camp chose him to compete in a bushtucker trial on behalf of the Castle Clink.

He was convinced that the other campmates had singled him out because he was weak because he had already failed a challenge earlier in the day.

“Perhaps they think I’m the weakest,” he speculated.

He then announced his intention to leave after losing the Treacherous Traps trial to main camp resident Snoochie Shy.

“I do believe my time here is done,” he told his campmates, including Richard Madeley and David Ginola.

I had a feeling earlier and was thinking about my mother, and I obviously love you guys.

“I don’t know if I could ever join that camp after knowing what the Main Camp probably knew what they were putting me through knowing I did the challenge earlier.”

“I can’t continue,” Naughty Boy continued, “and my heart isn’t in anymore; I’m led by my heart.”

Part of his decision, he said, was influenced by the main camp’s actions.

“I gave it my all both times today,” he explained.

I just can’t get into the main camp from here…

That’s something I won’t be able to fake.

“Please accept my apologies.

One thing I’ll tell you before you enter the main camp: no matter how much they say they love us and you, there is no love.

“They’re the reason I left when you guys go to the main camp.”

Fans of the show took to Twitter to criticize Naughty Boy, with some accusing him of being “dramatic,” prompting a response from his family.

Shahid’s relatives revealed the heartbreaking reason for his early struggles on the show by using his Naughty Boy account.

“If only everyone knew what he’s going through on the battlefield,” they wrote.

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