Murdo MacLeod brands Neil Lennon an ‘angry man’ as he reacts to Celtic manager’s ‘rant’


Murdo MacLeod has branded Neil Lennon an “angry young man” following his irate press conference yesterday.

Lennon came out publically and slammed the reaction to his team’s mid-season Dubai training camp yesterday.

Upon return to Scotlad Christopher Jullien tested positive for coronavirus, which meant 13 players were forced to self-isolate along with staff.

Lennon and assistant John Kennedy were two of the staff forced to quarantine and chief executive Peter Lawwell subsequently admitted the trip was “a mistake” and apologised to Hoops fans.

Reacting to Lennon’s comments, MacLeod told BBC Scotland: “He’s an angry young man.

“For me that [press conference]was strange. When you come back and you know everything that has happened up to now.

“He has obviously been angry since he has arrived back home and what has happened to his team.

“He wants to have a go at people and for me that is not going to help Celtic.

“Celtic is all about the football pitch that is the most important thing.

“If you start having a go at people and falling out with people then it just means the relationship between the media, the club and himself will not be good.

“I still don’t know if Lennon and Peter Lawwell got together before he came out with his rant about everything.

“That doesn’t normally happen when you are sitting down in front of all the media. I think Neil off his own back has come out with all guns blazing.

“He’s had a go at as many people as he can even the people coming up in the trains from London to Glasgow. That is nothing to do with Celtic Football Club.

“Peter has come out and apologised and for Neil to come back and have a real go like this is a real problem for Celtic now.

“There’s so many people sitting listening to Neil and thinking this is not the way the Celtic manager should be acting.

“I don’t think Neil Lennon should go as much for his rant, it is more what is happening on the football pitch.

“The hardest thing for Celtic is getting a new manager in who can bring success and wins every single week.”


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