‘Mouldy food’ and ‘locked windows’ abound in Novak Djokovic’s detention hotel.


‘Mouldy food’ and ‘locked windows’ can be found in Novak Djokovic’s detention hotel.

NOVAK DJOKOVIC is being held in a detention center known for its poor conditions among refugees and asylum seekers.

A refugee living in the same accommodation as Novak Djokovic in Australia has described how he and other asylum seekers detained at the country’s border are treated.

Adnan Choopani, who has been staying at the Park Hotel in Carlton for several months, also posted video of his room and the food he has been served.

After being denied entry into Australia, world number one tennis player Novak Djokovic is the hotel’s newest ‘guest.’

He claimed he had been given a medical exemption to avoid Covid vaccination rules and traveled to Australia for the Australian Open.

However, there was a problem with his visa, and it was quickly discovered that his team had applied for the wrong document – one that was incompatible with vaccine exemptions.

As a result, Border Force officials revoked Djokovic’s visa and informed him that he would be deported.

With an emergency injunction, the Serbian’s lawyers were able to prevent the action from taking place right away, and his case is set to be heard in court on Monday.

Until then, he is being held at the Park Hotel, a detention center that has long housed refugees, asylum seekers, and others denied entry to Australia.

Choopani, a refugee, admits he doesn’t have much in common with the 20-time Grand Slam champion, who now lives in a room on the floor below the one he’s been in for five months.

However, he claims that he and Djokovic have both been “humiliated” by the government.

“I don’t wish detention for anyone, let alone any human.”

He told ITV News, “No matter what.”

“Australia’s detention system and facilities are akin to hell.

“I believe Djokovic has been a victim of Australian politicians… a political game has been played on him.”

Choopani also showed off some footage of his room, which he claims is always under surveillance.

Although basic amenities appear to be provided, the room’s windows are locked, preventing “access to fresh air.”

And the food is “disgusting,” according to footage he shared of what those being held at the Park Hotel can expect to be served during mealtimes.

“We’ve been getting mouldy bread,” says the narrator.

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