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MotoGP rider Maverick Vinales forced to jump from his bike after brakes fail at the Styrian GP 

MotoGP rider Maverick Vinales had to bail from his bike due to a brake failure during the Styrian GP. 

The 25-year-old Spaniard had the impressive presence of mind to jump off his Yamaha when it was travelling at 125mph before the braking zone of turn one at the Red Bull Ring. 

Vinales slid across the race track and miraculously was okay, as he quickly got onto his feet and walked away though he looked disappointed at the end of his race. 

It was a good thing the Spaniard made that decision however, as his bike continued full speed and smashed into the barriers at turn one in a heavy impact.

The force of the crash was such that the bike caught fire with marshals rushing on to the scene to extinguish the blaze.

As a result the red flag was brought out as officials had to fix the barrier following the crash to make sure it was safe ahead of the race being restarted. 

Maverick Viñales has to BAIL from his bike 😱😱😱

He jumps off his Yamaha as the brakes fail!


It was another lucky escape for Vinales who was inches away from disaster at last weekend’s Austrian GP.

On that occasion riders Franco Morbidelli and Johann Zarco collided at high speed with both men sent hurtling off the circuit into the shale-lined area of the track perimeter.

Both motorbikes continued spiraling down the track and into the path of fellow racers.

Vinales and MotoGP icon Valentino Rossi were lucky as they entered the corner just as the bikes were heading towards their paths.

The Spaniard just missed being collected by one of the bikes while Rossi narrowly managed to avoid being collected as both bikes flew past the front of him. 

Fortunately both Morbidelli and Zarco were okay and also participated in the Styrian GP which was won by Miguel Oliveira.

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