Moment In a stunning F1 accident, Lewis Hamilton collided with Max Verstappen.


Moment In a stunning F1 accident, Lewis Hamilton collided with Max Verstappen.

During a massive incident in the opening lap of the British Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton crashed with Max Verstappen.

In a catastrophic incident, Lewis Hamilton collided with Max Verstappen on the first lap of the British Grand Prix. The race was red flagged as a result of the collision between the title challengers. Hamilton was traveling at 180 mph when he collided with Verstappen on the inside.

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Verstappen has exited the vehicle.

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After winning the Silverstone sprint race on Saturday, Verstappen started the race in first place.

From the first bend, Hamilton was right on his tail.

The Mercedes driver clipped the rear of his rival’s Red Bull, causing Verstappen to lose control and crash into the barriers, according to the video.

“That was a very, very high-speed accident,” Sky Sports analyst Martin Brundle noted at the time.

Following the incident, Hamilton could be heard asking Verstappen if he was okay.

“I was fully within, it was my line, and he turned in on me,” he explained.

Fortunately, Verstappen emerged from his cockpit minutes later, although he seemed to be injured and was taken away for medical attention.

Following the crash, a blame game erupted, with Hamilton appearing to blame Verstappen for the accident.

“He turned on me, man,” he said. I gave that person some breathing room.”

Christian Horner, the Red Bull team’s owner, felt that Hamilton was to blame for the incident.

“Every driver who has driven at this circuit knows you don’t stick a wheel up the inside of Copse,” Mr Horner remarked. That was a massive accident, and it was entirely Max’s fault.”

“As far as I’m concerned, the entire guilt lies with Hamilton, who should never have been in that position in the first place.

“Thank God he escaped with his life. I’m hoping you’ll take care of things properly.”

Toto Wolff, his Mercedes colleague, retaliated, sending an email to FIA race director Michael Masi “with the diagrams where the car should be.”

Viewers were split on whether the crash was simply a “racing incident” or if Hamilton should be penalized for his part in it.


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