Mike Tyson gives his thoughts on Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury before of their big fight.


Mike Tyson gives his thoughts on Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury before of their big fight.

Mike Tyson has given his judgement on Anthony Joshua vs. Tyson Fury.

Mike Tyson has expressed his admiration for Anthony Joshua, claiming that the British boxer is a more powerful puncher than Deontay Wilder. However, the former heavyweight champion believes that strength alone will not be enough to defeat Tyson Fury in this summer’s Battle of Britain.

Joshua and Fury have agreed to a two-fight pact, the first of which will take place in June or July.

A location is yet to be determined, but both fighters have agreed to divide the purse 50-50, with the victor receiving a more favorable 60-40 split in the rematch.

When Fury defeated Wilder for the WBC title last year, he became world champion for the second time.

For the unification fight, Joshua will defend his WBA, WBO, IBF, and IBO belts.

According to the legendary Tyson, Fury’s fluid boxing style puts him ahead of Joshua.

Tyson told Haute Living, “I f****** love Joshua, but I believe Tyson [Fury] is too mysterious.” “He won’t be able to hit him,” says the narrator.

“I really like Joshua, and while he punches harder than Wilder, he doesn’t punch faster.

“And he’s not going to f****** touch this man until he punches quicker than Wilder.

“That’s exactly what I’m seeing. Joshua could be in peril if Tyson Fury can get away from Wilder’s quick punches.”

Dillian Whyte, who takes on Alexander Povetkin on Saturday, wants to fight the winner of Joshua vs Fury.

“Joshua is strong, has good speed, and he’s showed resiliency when he’s been hit by other fighters,” he said.

“He was knocked out in his first fight against Andy Ruiz, but he showed versatility in the rematch, not taking any chances.

“Fury is slick, has good reflexes, and moves well for a large guy, but I’m not sure he’s physically stronger. He is, however, taller, heavier, and has a greater range of motion.

“He’s one of those people that, just when you think he’s about to lose a fight, he comes back.” He’s overcome difficulties and defeated opponents in ways you wouldn’t expect him to do.

“He draws with Deontay Wilder, then declares that he will knock him out the next time, which he does. “Brinkwire Summary News,” he said.


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