Mike Tindall opens out about his father’s Parkinson’s disease battle, bringing BBC Breakfast listeners to tears.


Mike Tindall opens out about his father’s Parkinson’s disease battle, bringing BBC Breakfast listeners to tears.

Mike Tindall moved BBC Breakfast viewers to tears during a’moving’ Parkinson’s discussion on Thursday’s episode, as the former rugby player appealed for increased awareness of the disease.

Mike Tindall’s discussion of his father’s Parkinson’s condition brought tears to the eyes of BBC Breakfast viewers.

On Thursday, the former Rugby player, 42, appeared on a pre-recorded episode of the BBC series, during which he discussed his father Phillip’s battle with the degenerative disease.

Mike spoke up when Phillip was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in 2003, in an effort to inspire more families to open up about how the condition has affected them.

Zara Tindall’s husband also said that he had created a new Parkinson’s support scheme and was interacting with other people who had been diagnosed with the disease.

Mike expressed his wishes for the creation of a database where Parkinson’s patients can discuss their symptoms and experiences.

He stated, ” “Doctors and neurologists would obviously differ in their advise, so you’ll almost have to read the stories to figure out what’s going to work for you, what’s going to be more comfortable for you, so I believe that’s definitely something we could get to.

“A resource that folks who have recently been diagnosed or who are on the journey but have reached a stalemate can go to attempt to tap into and up skill themselves a little.”

Mike’s presence on BBC Breakfast had a tremendous impact on the audience.

They applauded Mike for his “moving and informative” section on Twitter.

One person wrote: “It’s great to see Mike and Sally discussing this illness.

“My sister was diagnosed a few years ago, and it’s great that more people are becoming aware of the disease. Thank you very much.” Another person said: “It’s both moving and educational.

“It’s great to see BBC Breakfast give us these vital deep dive topics instead of the usual rolling news,” says one viewer.

A third person commented: “That you’ve shown this is fantastic; let’s hope that this feature generates more awareness; the end goal must be to cure this sickness.

“Thank you for demonstrating this, and I hope that momentum grows to make this a priority.”

On BBC One, there is a show called BBC Breakfast.

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