Mike Dean cracks a joke following Ireland’s red card against Wales in the Six Nations.


Mike Dean cracks a joke following Ireland’s red card against Wales in the Six Nations.

Mike Dean was mocked by Six Nations supporters.

Mike Dean, the football referee who sent out West Ham midfielder Thomas Soucek for an alleged elbow against Fulham yesterday, has come under fire, and Six Nations fans have been quick to criticize the Wirral official during Wales’ match against Ireland today.

The referee ejected Peter O’Mahony after just 13 minutes for a high tackle.

As Tomas Francis was being pulled to the ground, the Munster flanker flew into his skull.

Rugby supporters were eager to point out that this was a definite red card, especially in compared to Soucek’s the day before, when Fulham attacker Aleksandar Mitrovic was sent off after just little contact.

One supporter wrote, “By the way Mike Dean, that from Peter O’Mahony was an elbow to the head and a red card.”

“That from Soucek could have just as easily been a pat on the back.”

“I didn’t need Mike Dean for that red card,” another added. Peter O’Mahony had no choice but to leave.”

“Is this Mike Dean reffing this rugby game?” asked a third. #WALvIRE.”

Another person stated, “Wayne Barnes is the Mike Dean of rugby.” Everything revolves around him.”

Dean had been in the spotlight just 24 hours before for his decision to send Soucek off in the 97th minute.

After the game, West Ham manager David Moyes fumed, saying, “Giving someone a red card is an embarrassing decision.”

“I’m more ashamed that VAR would tell him to look into it because it was clearly a simple accident and we should have just kept playing.

“I’m disappointed because the referees have the power to put an end to it; they’re the only ones who can say, ‘No, we’re not going to continue to give soft free kicks, we’re not going to react to screaming, we’re not going to react to some of the decisions.’

“However, they appear to be a little afraid about not doing things correctly right now.”

Dean reviewed the event on the VAR screen and spoke with Lee Mason, a VAR official.

Despite this, he proceeded to pull out the red card.

Moyes remarked, “I think both are good referees and have been throughout their careers.” “The fact that they made that decision tonight bothers me much more.

“I’m surprised they even sent them.” Brinkwire Summary News


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