Mercedes declares ‘gloves off’ and ‘elbows out’ in a dig at the FIA in their fight with Red Bull.


Mercedes declares ‘gloves off’ and ‘elbows out’ in a dig at the FIA in their fight with Red Bull.

Before the final three races, Toto Wolff declares that “gloves are off.”

After the FIA rejected a review into Max Verstappen’s driving last time out in Brazil, Mercedes boss Toto Wolff issued a warning shot at Red Bull, declaring that the “gloves are off” and “elbows are out.”

The stewards decided not to investigate an incident between Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton on lap 48, in which the Dutchman appeared to push the seven-time world champion wide. Mercedes were enraged.

Mercedes announced days after the incident that new evidence had surfaced, and filed a right of review on Tuesday, with a hearing scheduled for Thursday, ahead of the Qatar Grand Prix.

The decision was delayed until Friday morning, when Wolff and his Red Bull counterpart Christian Horner were in attendance at a team principal press conference.

Before the announcement, Wolff admitted that the team didn’t expect to gain anything, but that it was more about the “principle.”

“When the intensity is high, that’s normal,” Wolff said. “There are two drivers, two teams, fighting for the World Championship, and it’s close.”

“It swings one way and then the other.”

“Red Bull had a fantastic weekend in Mexico, and we were able to retaliate the following weekend, but the tiniest of margins can make the difference in the end.”

“And it’s worked in both directions.”

Max lost points due to crashes for which he was not solely responsible, and we, on the other hand, lost points due to events such as the Spa race, which should not have occurred.

“So you fight every single point; we don’t expect anything from the right of review, to be honest, but it’s more about the principle and philosophy.”

“Because if it stays that way, overtaking is almost impossible from the start because the inside completely controls the corner.”

“Now that is the case, but it used to be that when a car was next to you, you had to leave a car’s width. That is no longer the case.”

“All we want to do now is finish it.”

Make a decision.

“Then, if necessary, adjust for the final few races.”

As you can see, some of the drivers have expressed similar sentiments.

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