Megan Rapinoe celebrates Najee Harris’ hurdle over the defender of Notre Dame


In the first quarter, Harris leapt over a defender after Rapinoe asked him to execute an athletic manoeuvre earlier in the week.

“jump someone for me.”jump someone for me.”You really did it!!!! It was for me, right?!”Everyone has a responsibility to make the world a better place. Harris also mimicked the famous goal celebration of Rapinoe, in which she stands after a touchdown with her arms outstretched. Before the game against Notre Dame, he told reporters that he admires the 35-year-old Rapinoe, who is a vocal supporter of social justice, for “all the things she stands up for.” “She is a feminist,” Harris said, “and like women, how women are treated unfairly in the world and how they are paid differently than men. “In the U.S. Women’s World Championship Team, Rapinoe has been a leading voice.

She also shared her support for demonstrations against racism and police violence, among other items, and defended teams that decided to kneel during the U.S. anthem, a position that pitted her directly against Donald Trump. Megan Rapinoe on kneeling: “White people were mad. Whew, were they mad’Read more “She stands up for all that,” Harris said. “I like the way she does it.

And it may be scary for her to be a woman to say all these things because she’s a woman in a world dominated by men, but she’s just playing a part, standing up, not listening to all the naysayers out there, and just standing up for what she believes in – it’s inspiring.

Because it’s motivating. As a male, I think you can tell that not a lot of men say they’re looking at a woman these days.

But I still do look up to her for what she’s doing outside of sports,’ he said.

Harris also said that he appreciates Rapinoe because she mainly comes from California and listens to one of my favorite rappers, Nipsey Hussle.

In the National Championship Game, Harris and Alabama will next meet Ohio State, which beat Clemson on Friday.


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