Max Verstappen has extended Lewis Hamilton’s career, but Nico Rosberg is crucial – Coulthard


Max Verstappen has extended Lewis Hamilton’s career, but Nico Rosberg is crucial – Coulthard

Lewis Hamilton is in a title duel with Max Verstappen as he tries to add to his F1 legacy.

This year, Lewis Hamilton is having trouble with Max Verstappen, but David Coulthard feels he is managing defeat gracefully and has learned from his battles with Nico Rosberg. Hamilton has just signed a new two-year contract with Mercedes, which will keep him with the team until 2023.

The success of Red Bull this year, according to Coulthard, has given Hamilton a new lease on life in Formula One.

With new regulations set to take effect next year, the Briton will aim to win the title this year and face Red Bull in future seasons.

Hamilton has evolved and become a lot more elegant in dealing with the much younger Verstappen, according to Coulthard.

“If you look at the last couple of races he’s lost, he’s been lot calmer and much more magnanimous in loss than we’ve seen [before],” Coulthard said.

“He could be a bit chippy, a bit kind of dummy-in-the-dust, a bit spoiled-child multi-millionaire racing driver when he was beaten by Nico [Rosberg] when they were team-mates.

“I haven’t seen that [this year]; instead, I’ve seen elegance, confidence, and a different Lewis in this task.

“As a result, I believe he is looking forward to the challenge.”

According to Coulthard, who had a successful career in Formula One with McLaren and Red Bull, Hamilton is more hungry than ever.

“Of course he wants a title, who doesn’t?” he continued. He obviously wants to win; who doesn’t? But he’s won so much already.

“And the fact that he signed up for another two years, he’s just so driven by the task, I honestly believe that Max Verstappen and Red Bull have extended his career this year.

“Because I don’t think he’ll go into the winter bawling his heart out if he doesn’t win it this year. I believe he’ll say, “You know what? We didn’t deliver as a team; how can we improve next year?’

“I simply think he’s such a pure-bred racer, the way his family has raised him, tremendous dedication – I think he loves racing, and I genuinely believe he does.

“And I believe that the fact that he isn’t winning at the moment is extending his career.”

Hamilton will be on the lookout. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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