Max Verstappen dismisses Mercedes’ and Lewis Hamilton’s concerns about Red Bull.


Max Verstappen dismisses Mercedes’ and Lewis Hamilton’s concerns about Red Bull.

Max Verstappen wants to concentrate on Red Bull’s performance rather than what rivals say off the track.

Max Verstappen, the current World Champion, says he is unconcerned about what his primary championship competitors, Mercedes, have to say, and instead focuses on improving Red Bull as a team this season.

Verstappen won the Styrian Grand Prix for the third time, finishing 35 seconds ahead of Hamilton, and the Briton was left bewildered as to why Mercedes had no solutions for Red Bull’s speed.

After the race, the seven-time world champion remarked, “I was trying to keep up with those guys but the pace they have, they have certainly made some gains over the last few of races and it was hard to keep up with them.”

“I’m not sure where we’re losing all the time, but their lengthy runs appear to be better, and they seem to be able to keep putting out those laps, whereas on the straights, we lose a lot, or it feels like we lose a lot.”

Verstappen now leads Hamilton and Mercedes by 18 points heading into the Austrian Grand Prix, while Red Bull leads Hamilton and Mercedes by 40 points.

When questioned by Express Sport if he believes his primary title competitors are inflating the performance gap between the Red Bull and Mercedes, the 23-year-old said that it doesn’t matter.

During Thursday’s press conference ahead of the Austrian Grand Prix, Verstappen said, “To be honest, I just focus on our team; I want to try and do the best with what I can do within us.”

“I believe that’s the only thing you have power over, and anything else has been stated doesn’t help.

“It’s just as vital to keep your attention on yourself.”

Meanwhile, after claiming Mercedes didn’t have an upgrade planned for their 2021 car after the first race at the Red Bull Ring, Hamilton revealed he was aware of it.

He remarked after placing second that the team needs to bring some form of update to compete with Red Bull this season, claiming that they are always upgrading their car.

However, a different tale came out of the Mercedes camp earlier this week, with the team’s chief technical officer James Allison saying that new parts for the W12 were on the way.

“I had a feeling we’d gotten that upgrade.” Brinkwire Summary News


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