Mauricio Pochettino leaves Lionel Messi with an open chance at PSG


Mauricio Pochettino left open the possibility of Lionel Messi joining him at Paris Saint-Germain, saying: “Any great player in the world is welcome.”
Pochettino was asked at his first press conference as PSG boss if he would speak to his fellow Argentine about a move to France next summer when the Barcelona player’s contract expires.

Rumors of such a move have circulated for a long time and they have not been refuted by Pochettino. “To be honest, we are not talking about it,” Pochettino said Tuesday, three days after confirming his nomination. We have just arrived and it’s been a crazy time trying to adjust to a new club. We’ve had a lot of meetings, training sessions, and [on Wednesday at Saint-Etienne]are preparing for a game. We’re sure we’re going to have time to talk about it.

I think any great player in the world is welcome at Paris Saint-Germain.
Pochettino, who spent two years at PSG as a player, spoke in Spanish and English in an unveiling in which he disclosed nothing, but avoided answering questions about transfer offers for Dele Alli or Christian Eriksen, with whom he enjoyed working at Tottenham Hotspur.

But he made no attempt to conceal his enthusiasm for taking over PSG, his first job since leaving Spurs in November 2019. This year, Santa Claus was very good to me,”Santa Claus has been very good to me this year,”

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Pochettino will have the chance to win the first trophy of his coaching career next week after Saturday’s Ligue 1 matches against Saint-Etienne and Brest as PSG duels Marseilles in the Trophée des Champions, the French version of the Community Shield.

But the 48-year-old has no doubt that making the PSG European Champions is his main mission. In the round of 16, they will face Barcelona and Messi, with the first leg taking place next month.

The Champions League is the most important competition for PSG, as for any major club, although the others are very important. It’s a big challenge, of course. It seems far away next month, but the most important thing is that we arrive in top form at the game. We are very optimistic. We have an amazing squad. This is the moment where we start to build up, get to know each other and adapt qu qu ‘ Neymar is one of many players unavailable for the trip to Saint-Etienne.

The success of Pochettino at PSG will largely rely on his ability to bring the best out of Neymar and Kylian Mbappé, preferably by having both to sign new contracts when their existing deals expire next year. He declined to explain how he wants to use each player, only saying that he “hopes to use each player in the way that best expresses his ability,” adding that “every team must be flexible in modern soccer.”

However, he announced that Marquinhos would remain the captain of the club, although he did not state whether he saw the Brazilian mainly as a defender or a midfielder. Thomas Tuchel, the predecessor of Pochettino, was frequently criticized for using Marquinhos in the midfield.

Two previous coaches from PSG – Tuchel and Unai Emery – both came to PSG preaching a high-intensity, offensive style in which collective power would be greater than individual talent.

Ultimately, both struggled and ended with inconsistent, confusing teams disappointed.

Asked if he thought he could deal with challenging superstars effectively, Pochettino responded, “We’ve worked with great players before.”
His PSG coaching staff includes the same coaches, Jesus Pérez, Miguel D’Agostino and goalkeeping coach Toni Jiménez, who assisted him at Spurs, as well as his son, sports scientist Sebastiano.

“Pochettino replied, asking to compare PSG with the Premier League club. “It’s hard for us to be objective about Tottenham because it’s still so much in our hearts and with amazing memories we left.

But now is the time to concentrate 100 percent on PSG.


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