Matt Le Tissier had McDonald’s on his way to practice and fish and chips the day before the game.


Matt Le Tissier had McDonald’s on his way to practice and fish and chips the day before the game.

Despite his incredible nutrition off the field, which included trips to McDonalds before training, Matt Le Tissier was a genius on the pitch during his tenure at Southampton.

Matt Le Tissier was one of the most naturally gifted players in Premier League history, but he wasn’t always in the best of condition.

During his illustrious 16-year stay at Southampton, Le Tissier had Southampton supporters on the edge of their seats by scoring 209 goals in 540 games and generating numerous goal-of-the-season contenders.

And what made his brilliance even more intriguing was the freewheeling manner with which he displayed it both on and off the field.

Le Tissier was never known for working hard without the ball, covering ground, or putting in a serious effort on the training pitch, which could be explained by his bizarre eating habits.

“I’d often eat unhealthy stuff, fish and chips or whatever, the night before a match, but never on a matchday,” the Saints legend said in an interview with FourFourTwo last year.

“An omelette or something similar would be my pre-match meal.”

In February 2020, during an appearance on Tubes & Ange Golf Life, Le Tissier said that he would frequently come at Southampton training after a morning excursion to McDonald’s.

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“On the way to training, I used to eat sausage and egg McMuffins,” he admitted.

“People didn’t take things as seriously back then as they do now. It was just different times.” You were given a little more wiggle room.

“Not everything was under control; we didn’t eat the entire time at the football club, and your diet wasn’t scrutinized.”

“Every week, we were weighed on Monday and Friday. As a result, the sole requirement was that you be close to your regular weight. They couldn’t care less about how the weight was put together!” We didn’t have body-fat percentage calculators back then, and we didn’t have trackers that told us how many kilometers we ran in a football game – thank God.

“All you had to do was make sure your weight was close to what they anticipated you to be on Mondays and Fridays.”

“Perhaps if I was struggling.” The news is summarized by Brinkwire.


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