Mason Mount has his sights set on the Chelsea trophy, despite the fact that he is under added pressure owing to the Ballon d’Or.


Mason Mount wants to win more big trophies with Chelsea and England.

Mason Mount says the days of feeling like the new kid on the block probably disappeared the day he made his senior debut for Chelsea. But he admitted a nomination for the Ballon d’Or has stripped away any last excuses for him not to be the main man whatever the level.

The 22-year-old is still pinching himself at being named in the 30-man long list for the most coveted personal accolade in football.

Yet far from feeling out of place even among the likes of Lionel Messi, Kylian Mbappe or even his captain tonight Harry Kane, Mount exudes an inner confidence that he deserves to be rubbing shoulders.

And a succession of shrewd judges from Frank Lampard through Gareth Southgate and Thomas Tuchel have long since identified a quality in Mount well ahead of his tender years.

“As soon as I made my debut for Chelsea and later on for England, in my own head it was ‘I’m not a young kid no more’,” he said ahead of Tuesday’s Wembley clash against Hungary.

“Some people would say he’s a young player or just made his debut, but in my head it was ‘Ok you’ve made your debut now, you can’t look at yourself as a young player.’

“Young players need to show even though you are young that you can perform and be at that top level.

“The nomination is such a special thing. As a kid growing up, you look at the Ballon d’Or and how that is the top of the top from a personal view.

“To be nominated in the the top 30 in the world at the moment is a dream come true and special to be among names that I’ve looked up to as a kid. But it shows you can never stop working hard.”

Mount exhibits an intelligence and maturity that surely make him a candidate for future England captain – and it will please Southgate particularly to hear how Mount intends to follow up the best 12 months of his career.

“How do you follow that? You want to win more and more, that’s the start of it,” he said.

“Once you get that feeling of winning something, being a winner and doing it at the highest level, then you have gained that. “Brinkwire Summary News”.


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