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Manchester United star Marcus Rashford continues his inspirational work with FareShare

Marcus Rashford has continued his inspirational work with FareShare by joining up with the charity’s staff just days after the Premier League season came to an end.

The England striker, who just days ago helped fire Manchester United into next season’s Champions League, has been a huge inspiration throughout lockdown thanks to his charity work.  

Rashford teamed up with charity FareShare to raise £20million for food donations during the coronavirus pandemic, while he also helped convince the government to extend their food voucher scheme for children on free school meals throughout the summer holidays.

And on Tuesday evening, Rashford posted a series of pictures on Instagram of him helping out at a factory by loading up food with fellow workers of FareShare.

The 22-year-old captioned his post: ‘To the staff, volunteers and everyone that continues to work behind the scenes to make a difference THANK YOU! 

‘The world needs more people like you. Let’s keep going, the fight is far from over.’

Rashford will receive an honorary doctorate from the University of Manchester this summer for his campaign against child poverty. 

The striker will become the youngest recipient in the University’s history thanks to his incredible charity work of late.

After hearing of the recognition, Rashford said: ‘It’s a proud day for myself and my family. 

‘We still have a long way to go in the fight to combat child poverty in this country but receiving recognition from your city means we are heading in the right direction and that means a lot.’

The University said it wanted to mark Rashford’s ‘remarkable campaign against child poverty’ as well as his sporting achievements.

Professor Dame Nancy Rothwell, president and vice chancellor at the University, said: ‘Marcus is an extraordinary young man with an extraordinary talent and drive that stretches well beyond the football field.

‘His work for charity and his high-profile campaign will not only help countless young people across our own city, but across the entire country.

‘Our University has social responsibility at its core and this sense of civic pride and duty is something we are proud to share with Marcus.

‘That is why the University is delighted to make Marcus our youngest ever recipient of an honorary degree.’

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