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Man Utd star Victor Lindelof ‘chases down bike thief who stole handbag from woman in her 90s’ before waiting for police

MANCHESTER UNITED star Victor Lindelof this morning chased down and apprehended an alleged bike thief who stole a handbag from a woman in her nineties.

Lindelof, 26, is believed to have been out with his wife Maja at around 10.30am, when he witnessed a man snatch a bag from an elderly woman’s walker.

According to Sportbladet, the Red Devils star took it upon himself to chase down the assailant, recovering the bag and holding on to the perpetrator until the police arrived.

A statement read: “The police would like to thank the witness for a rapid and sensible intervention made to restore the plaintiff’s property.”

And a Manchester United spokesperson added: “He ran after the thief and got the bag back without using any violence.

“Victor believes he was just doing what anybody would have done in that situation.”

The alleged thief, a man in his thirties, was later released, although will face charges of “aggravated theft” and “minor drug offences”.

Police arrived at the scene around five minutes after the initial incident, with Lindelof holding on to the alleged attacker throughout.

The Swede is currently holidaying in his home town of Vasteras with wife Maja after a gruelling season of action with the Red Devils.

Having appeared 47 times in the 2019-20 season, Lindelof would have been hoping for a more relaxing summer break.

But his good deed has got fans purring on social media.

One wrote: “No one beating Victor 1v1”

While another added: “Very proud of him. Well done, Victor”.

Lindelof’s heroic intervention comes amid a difficult few days for Man United after their captain Harry Maguire was arrested in Mykonos.

The 27-year-old was arrested by police in Greece after trying to defend his sister Daisy.

Sources on Sunday night told SunSport that Maguire was with partner Fern Hawkins when his sister was approached by a group of Albanian men.

One of the men — described by sources as “gangster types” — started chatting up Daisy.

And when she turned him down, she was jabbed in the arm with a sharp metal straw, drawing blood and causing her to faint. Harry then stepped in before a fight broke out.

The England star returned to the UK yesterday and will not have to attend his trial tomorrow.

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